Senate budget - good, bad, ugly

The much anticipated Senate budget, when it comes to education policy, could be titled "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". We've already discussed the ugly, let's take a look at the good and the bad.

The Good

The statewide parent trigger, proposed by the governor and eliminated by the house, is not proposed by the Senate either and appears dead, for now.

The Senate also includes a fix to HB555 and the onerous teacher evaluation provisions it contained. Here's what the fix proposes

Prescribes that the student academic growth factor must account for 35% (rather than 50% as under current law) of each evaluation under the standards-based state framework for evaluation of teachers developed by the State Board of Education and permits a school district to attribute an additional percentage to the student academic growth factor, not to exceed 15% of each evaluation.

Specifies that, when calculating student academic growth for a teacher evaluation, students who have had 30 or more excused or unexcused absences for the school year must be excluded (rather than excluding students with 60 or more unexcused absences as under current law).

Ohio Revised Code labels a student as a chronic truant if they are absent 14 days, so 30 days is still a high number of absences to allow, but it is certainly better than the ridiculous 60 days in current law. The reduction in the use of VAM to 35% from 50% is a welcome improvement.

The Governor proposed eliminating the single salary schedule, and the House concurred. The Senate however strikes this proposal from their budget. We suspect there will be pressure applied to put this back in. Educators and support professional should continue to apply their own pressure on legislators to keep it out.

The Senate also eliminated the home-school freeloading provision the House added that would have allowed home schoolers to participate in district extra-curricular activities at no expense.

The Bad

The Governor proposed a massive statewide voucher expansion effort, the House concurred, and the Senate has left the proposal in too. With massive opposition to this proposal we were a little surprised the Senate left this unnecessary proposal in their budget.

Charter schools get a number of additional free passes from the Senate, including an e-school exemption for phys ed., an additional qualifying condition for vouchers, and a provision that would make charter school closures more difficult as LSC notes it "May be more difficult to close community schools after July 1, 2013 (compared with current law after that date).". The Senate also eliminates a charter school teacher quality provision for charters populated primarily with students with disabilities. A number of other smaller provisions setting charter schools on a longer path to failure are also propsed by the Senate, such as:

Exempts students of chartered nonpublic schools accredited through the Independent School Association of the Central States from passing the end-of-course examinations as a prerequisite for graduation from high school.

The Charter school business doesn't contribute millions of dollars a year to Republican politicians for nothing.

The challenging

The Senate adds a new levy type aimed at school safety

Authorizes school districts to levy a property tax exclusively for school safety and security purposes. Requires the levy to comply with the same requirements that apply to general school district levies in excess of the 10-mill limitation.

A good intentioned proposal aimed at lowering violence in schools, but there should be concern that a safety levy might reduce local taxpayers appetites for funding levies for normal school operations, the core purpose of schools themselves. School districts will have to be mindful in how they approach this issue.

Here's the full comparative document of the education section of the budget

Senate Sub HB59

Education News for 05-22-2013

State Education News

  • Little Miami regains its independence (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  • Today is Independence Day for the financially embattled Little Miami Schools. Once Ohio’s poster child for school district monetary woes, the Warren County school system will be autonomous…Read more...

  • Coleman, Gee pitch Columbus school proposal to legislators (Columbus Dispatch)
  • State legislators drew attention to academic failures of the Columbus school district and to its ongoing data scandal last night in the first talks over a bill that…Read more...

  • Special-needs aides still fighting dismissal (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Two Columbus special-needs aides who were fired last summer are still fighting to get their jobs back. The final day of hearings before the Columbus Civil Service Commission…Read more...

  • Northridge out of fiscal caution, but levy needed (Newark Advocate)
  • The Northridge School District is out of fiscal caution. However, the district will have to renew its 8.86 mill levy by the end of 2014 to remain in the black long term…Read more...

  • As prepared as we can be for Tornadoes (Portsmouth Daily Times)
  • An enormous tornado ripped through Moore, Okla., Monday, killing more…Read more...

Local Education News

  • Families of the victims of Chardon School shooting are suing the United Way over access to Chardon (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • The families of the three Chardon High School students who were killed in 2012 are suing the United Way of Greater Cleveland and its Geauga County chapter…Read more...

  • Reynoldsburg takes over charter e-school (Columbus Dispatch)
  • The Reynoldsburg school board is taking over the charter e-school that it placed on probation last year…Read more...

  • Groveport Madison levy still losing by 12 votes (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Groveport Madison’s school levy gained four votes but is still behind after elections officials counted provisional ballots and added in an uncounted…Read more...

  • Columbus school board votes to back report of Coleman’s education panel (Columbus Dispatch)
  • A resolution supporting the recommendations of the Columbus Education Commission passed a divided Columbus school board last night, after a lengthy debate that centered largely around whether…Read more...

  • Brunswick school officials close all buildings in response to norovirus (Sun Newspapers)
  • Although symptoms of the condition itself last, in general, little more than 24 hours, a norovirus outbreak at the Brunswick City Schools this past week led to the closer of every building…Read more...

  • Maysville students benefit from early college courses (Zanesville Times-Recorder)
  • Skylar Novaria might achieve his goal of becoming a business manager or CEO sooner than expected because of being a proactive teenager…Read more...

Education News for 05-17-2013

State Education News

  • Legislature could require Columbus school levy to support charters (Columbus Dispatch)
  • After a mayoral education commission recommended sharing Columbus schools’ property- tax dollars with charters, two lawmakers introduced a bill yesterday requiring that such a levy go before district voters…Read more...

  • Educators, legislators aren’t on same page on Ohio school reforms (Columbus Dispatch)
  • A survey of more than half of Ohio school superintendents revealed, with few exceptions, a wide gap between themselves and legislators…Read more...

  • Legislator’s plan would provide preschool vouchers for 22,000 (Columbus Dispatch)
  • A Senate Republican leader on education policy wants to create a $100 million voucher program over the next two years to allow thousands…Read more...

  • Brookfield schools unsure of fiscal future (Youngstown Vindicator)
  • The state auditor’s office said the district will face fiscal emergency even if a school levy is certified as passed…Read more...

Local Education News

  • BYOD program makes learning fun (Lorain Morning Journal)
  • Usually students are discouraged from bringing electronic devices into the classroom. The fifth grade classes at Ely Elementary School in Elyria, though, are encouraged to bring their iPhones, iPads…Read more...

  • Avon Lake schools put new student safety plan into motion (Lorain Morning Journal)
  • In light of recent school shootings, students and staff at Avon Lake schools have a new safety plan in place to ward off intruders and bullies…Read more...

  • Bedford Schools to lay off 14 to 17 teachers, educators (Toledo Blade)
  • The Bedford Public Schools will send layoff notices to 15 teachers and other educators for the next school year to help close a persistent operating deficit. The board of education authorized the potential pink slips…Read more...


  • Lack of a guarantee (Akron Beacon Journal)
  • Beginning next school year, with a few exceptions, Ohio third-graders who are unable to read at a level specified by the state will not be promoted to fourth grade…Read more...

  • Partners for change (Akron Beacon Journal)
  • The Cleveland school district is making itself a showcase of how to go about transforming a school system. Last week, the district and its teachers union unveiled a tentative…Read more...

May 2013 School Levy Results

The results below are preliminary. A high number of levies passed or failed by less than 2%, with some seperated by just a handful of votes (the Dispatch is reporting that a recount is likely in Groveport as their levy is now failing by 16 votes). A number of these results then, are subject to change before the results are finalized.

Based on these preliminary results, just shy of 60% of all school levies passed yesterday, with a 90% passage rate for renewals and a somewhat higher than normal passage rate for New money requests.

New renewal Failed Passed Pass %
New 50 36 41.9%
Renewal 5 46 90.2%
Over all 55 82 59.9%

Here are the results of the May 7th 2013 school levy elections, currently reported

County District Type of issue Result N/R For Against
Allen Apollo JVSD Bond - School Passed N 58.0% 42.0%
Allen Bluffton EV Income Tax (Permanent Passed R 77.2% 22.8%
Allen Elida Local Permanent Improvement Passed R 60.6% 39.4%
Allen Elida Local Emergency Operating Failed N 46.8% 53.2%
Allen Lima City Emergency Operating Passed R 67.3% 32.7%
Ashland Hillsdale Local Current Expenses Passed R 72.1% 27.9%
Ashland Loudonville-Perrysville Emergency Operating Passed R 55.2% 44.8%
Ashland Loudonville-Perrysville Permanent Improvement Failed N 46.2% 53.8%
Ashtabula Ashtabula City Emergency Operating Failed N 48.4% 51.6%
Ashtabula Jefferson Area Local Current Expenses Passed R 58.1% 41.9%
Athens Trimble Local Permanent Improvement Failed N 48.9% 51.1%
Auglaize St. Marys City Income Tax (Current Failed N 39.7% 60.3%
Auglaize Waynesfield Goshen Permanent Improvement Passed R 64.6% 35.4%
Belmont Bellaire Local Emergency Operating Failed N 44.7% 55.3%
Belmont Bridgeport EV Current Operating Failed N 41.9% 58.1%
Belmont St. Clairsville-Richland Current Expenses Passed N 70.2% 29.8%
Carroll Brown Local Bond Issue (Building) & Failed N 49.2% 50.8%
Carroll Carrollton EV Emergency Operating Failed N 40.6% 59.4%
Champaign Urbana City Operating Expenses Passed N 75.9% 24.1%
Clark Clark-Shawnee Local Operating Levy Failed N 49.8% 50.2%
Clark Greenon Local Building & Current Failed N 46.1% 53.9%
Clark Springfield City Bond Issues (Building & Passed N 57.6% 42.4%
Clark Tecumseh Local Emergency Operating Failed N 31.0% 69.0%
Clermont Milford EV Current Operating Passed N 59.8% 40.2%
Columbiana Columbiana EV Bond (Building & Failed N 42.1% 57.9%
Columbiana Salem City Permanent Improvement Passed R 74.4% 25.6%
Columbiana United Local Permanent Improvement Failed N 41.1% 58.9%
Crawford Galion City Current Operating Failed N 33.8% 66.2%
Cuyahoga Brecksville-Broadview Current Operating Passed R 61.4% 38.6%
Cuyahoga Brooklyn City Bond (Building) & Passed N 57.6% 42.4%
Cuyahoga Lakewood City Current Operating Passed N 68.4% 31.6%
Cuyahoga Westlake City Current Operating Failed N 49.6% 50.4%
Darke Mississinawa Valley Building & Permanent Passed R 67.6% 32.4%
Delaware Delaware City Bond (Building & Passed N 60.6% 39.4%
Erie Edison Local Emergency Operating Passed N 52.0% 48.0%
Erie Perkins Local Permanent Passed R 51.4% 48.6%
Erie Perkins Local Emergency Operating Failed N 35.5% 64.5%
Fairfield Walnut Township Local Income Tax (Current Passed N 51.7% 48.3%
Franklin Groveport Madison Emergency Levy Passed N 50.2% 49.8%
Fulton Swanton Local Bond (Building) & Failed N 45.2% 54.8%
Geauga Ledgemont Local Operating Levy Failed N 40.2% 59.8%
Greene Fairborn City Emergency Levy Failed N 34.1% 65.9%
Hamilton Forest Hills Local Bond (Building & Failed N 45.0% 55.0%
Hamilton Oak Hills Local Operating Levy Failed N 45.2% 54.8%
Hancock Cory-Rawson Local Income Tax Current Passed R 58.0% 42.0%
Hardin Ada EV Income Tax Current Passed N 55.1% 44.9%
Hardin Upper Scioto Local Permanent Improvement Failed N 48.5% 51.5%
Hardin Upper Scioto Local Emergency Levy Passed R 55.4% 44.6%
Henry Napoleon Area City Income Tax Current Failed N 46.8% 53.2%
Holmes West Holmes Local Emergency Levy Passed R 67.4% 32.6%
Huron Monroeville Local Building & Passed R 51.0% 49.0%
Huron Willard City Permanent Failed N 39.4% 60.6%
Jefferson Buckeye Local Emergency Levy Failed N 34.5% 65.5%
Jefferson Indian Creek Local Bond (Building & Failed N 37.9% 62.1%
Jefferson Jefferson County JVSD Current Expense & Failed N 46.6% 53.4%
Knox East Knox Local Current Expense & Failed N 45.0% 55.0%
Knox Mount Vernon Local Emergency Levy Passed N 65.7% 34.3%
Lake Kirtland Local Emergency Levy Passed R 53.4% 46.6%
Lake Mentor EV Operating Expenses Passed R 73.2% 26.8%
Lake Mentor EV Permanent Passed R 73.1% 26.9%
Lake Painesville City Current Operating Passed R 58.8% 41.2%
Lake Willoughby-Eastlake Emergency Levy Failed R 46.7% 53.3%
Licking Johnstown-Monroe Emergency Levy Passed R 65.4% 34.6%
Licking Lakewood Local Emergency Levy Passed R 59.7% 40.3%
Licking Licking Heights Local Emergency Levy Failed N 38.9% 61.1%
Licking North Fork Local Income Tax Current Failed N 46.6% 53.4%
Logan Benjamin Logan Local Emergency Levy Failed N 49.5% 50.5%
Logan West Liberty Salem Income Tax Current Passed N 66.1% 33.9%
Lorain Amherst EV Permanent Improvement Passed R 61.0% 39.0%
Lorain Amherst EV Emergency Levy Passed R 62.0% 38.0%
Lorain Avon Lake City Emergency Levy Passed N 52.2% 47.8%
Lorain Columbia Local Current Expenses Failed N 44.3% 55.7%
Lorain North Ridgeville City Emergency Levy Passed R 64.4% 35.6%
Lucas Oregon City Building & Permanent Passed R 61.0% 39.0%
Madison Madison-Plains Local Permanent Failed N 43.9% 56.1%
Mahoning Boardman Local Permanent Passed N 50.1% 49.9%
Mahoning Boardman Local Current Operating Passed R 60.5% 39.5%
Mahoning Jackson-Milton Local Permanent Passed R 57.4% 42.6%
Mahoning Jackson-Milton Local Operating Expenses Passed R 57.3% 42.7%
Mahoning Poland Local Emergency Operating Passed R 65.4% 34.6%
Mahoning Springfield Local Building & Permanent Passed N 61.1% 38.9%
Medina Black River Local Emergency Operating Passed N 51.1% 48.9%
Medina Cloverleaf Local Emergency Operating Failed N 49.3% 50.7%
Mercer Celina City Income Tax Current Passed R 67.4% 32.6%
Mercer Marion Local Emergency Levy Passed R 61.2% 38.8%
Miami Covington EV Building & Permanent Passed N 51.6% 48.4%
Miami Milton-Union EV Current Expenses Passed R 58.2% 41.8%
Miami Piqua City Emergency Levy Passed R 64.5% 35.5%
Miami Tipp City EV Emergency Levy Passed N 51.4% 48.6%
Monroe Switzerland of Ohio Operating Expenses Failed N 48.9% 51.1%
Montgomery Brookville Local Current Expenses Passed R 68.8% 31.2%
Montgomery Brookville Local Current Expenses Passed N 50.0% 50.0%
Montgomery Centerville City Current Expenses Failed N 49.3% 50.7%
Montgomery Jefferson Township Bond Issue (Building) & Failed N 23.8% 76.2%
Montgomery Valley View Local Current Expenses Passed N 54.8% 45.2%
Morrow Cardington-Lincoln Income Tax Current Failed N 49.1% 50.9%
Muskingum East Muskingum Local Emergency Levy Passed R 76.8% 23.2%
Muskingum West Muskingum Local Emergency Levy Passed N 55.9% 44.1%
Noble Caldwell EV Replacement and Passed N 57.3% 42.7%
Portage Kent City Current Expenses Passed N 61.0% 39.0%
Preble Twin Valley Income Tax Current Failed N 48.4% 51.6%
Richland Mansfield City Emergency Levy Passed R 72.2% 27.8%
Ross Chillicothe City Emergency Levy Passed N 50.6% 49.4%
Sandusky Clyde-Green Springs Emergency Levy Failed N 38.4% 61.6%
Sandusky Gibsonburg EV Income Tax Current Failed N 47.5% 52.5%
Seneca Bettsville Local Income Tax Current Passed R 53.3% 46.7%
Seneca Fostoria City Necessary Requirements Passed N 59.0% 41.0%
Shelby Fairlawn Local Emergency Levy Passed R 66.4% 33.6%
Stark Canton Local Bond Building & Failed N 49.6% 50.4%
Stark Fairless Local Emergency Levy Failed N 39.0% 61.0%
Stark Louisville City Emergency Levy Passed N 62.0% 38.0%
Stark Marlington Local Bond (Building) & Failed N 43.8% 56.2%
Stark North Canton City Permanent Passed N 57.8% 42.2%
Summit Barberton City Emergency Levy Passed N 54.6% 45.4%
Summit Coventry Local Bond (Building) & Passed N 55.2% 44.8%
Summit Cuyahoga Falls City Permanent Failed N 42.8% 57.2%
Summit Manchester Local Current Expenses Passed R 72.0% 28.0%
Summit Mogadore Local Current Expenses Failed R 40.6% 59.4%
Trumbull Brookfield Local Current Expenses Passed R 50.1% 49.9%
Trumbull Champion Local Emergency Levy Passed N 51.6% 48.4%
Trumbull Girard City Emergency Levy Passed N 62.1% 37.9%
Trumbull Lakeview Local Emergency Levy Passed R 61.6% 38.4%
Trumbull Maplewood Local Emergency Levy Passed R 65.0% 35.0%
Trumbull McDonald Local Operating Expenses Passed R 63.5% 36.5%
Trumbull Newton Falls EV Emergency Levy Failed N 37.9% 62.1%
Trumbull Niles City Emergency Levy Failed N 29.9% 70.1%
Trumbull Niles City Permanent Failed N 30.6% 69.4%
Union Marysville EV Current Operating Passed R 78.8% 21.2%
Van Wert Van Wert City Income Tax Current Passed N 59.7% 40.3%
Warren Carlisle Local Operating Levy Passed N 53.4% 46.6%
Wayne Orrville City Current Expenses Failed N 40.6% 59.4%
Williams Millcreek West Unity Emergency Levy Passed R 70.2% 29.8%
Wood Bowling Green City Current Expenses Failed R 34.6% 65.4%
Wood Elmwood Local Income Tax Current Failed R 41.5% 58.5%
Wood Elmwood Local Income Tax Current Failed R 41.7% 58.3%
Wood North Baltimore Local Current Expenses Passed R 53.0% 47.0%
Wyandot Carey EV Bond (Building) & Passed N 64.4% 35.6%

Education News for 04-10-2013

State Education News

  • Ohio Adopts New Restraint, Seclusion Room Policies For Schools (WBNS)
  • Ohio was a state that had no restrictions on seclusion rooms or restraints in schools. In December, the state created a policy, or guidelines, for districts to follow...Read more...

  • School funding plan gets overhaul from Ohio House (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • State legislative leaders tossed out a major part of Gov. John Kasich's school funding plan Tuesday and significantly shifted the dollars that individual districts would receive from the state...Read more...

Local Education News

  • National Robotics Challenge returns for 10th year (Marion Star)
  • While much of the robotics buzz locally is centering on the upcoming world robotics championship to be held in California, the event that first spurred an interest locally will enter its 10th year Thursday...Read more...

  • Cuts could hit Head Start (Warren Tribune Chronicle)
  • Students and teachers in Mahoning and Trumbull counties could be affected by a federal funding hit to Head Start programs...Read more...

  • Geneva schools to host open meeting on lockdown response (Ashtabula Star-Beacon)
  • Geneva teachers and first responders will team up Thursday to inform parents about new emergency lockdown procedures at every district school...Read more...

  • Students earn Junior Achievement experience, honors (Canton Repository)
  • Dozens of area high school students spent Tuesday morning showing what they’ve learned this year about business, and several went home with scholarship money...Read more...

  • Fairborn teachers put to the test (WDTN)
  • Fairborn students got an extra day of Spring Break Monday while their teachers had a very serious lesson to learn in the classroom...Read more...

  • Bluffton student raises awareness for diabetes, awarded for efforts (Lima News)
  • Jena Diller has no memory of a time when she didn’t have a sibling with Type 1 diabetes. Her older sister was diagnosed at age 12, her younger brother at age 4...Read more...

  • New Technology Allows Police To Have Eyes Inside Schools (WBNS)
  • A new tool has turned Baltimore village police officers into “virtual” cops. DARE officer Jason Harget demonstrated how officers can see inside every school in the district from the inside of his police cruiser...Read more...

  • Turnout seen as key to Chillicothe City School's levy success (Chillicothe Gazette)
  • With no other candidates or issues on the May 7 ballot for Chillicothe voters, people pushing for passage of the Chillicothe City Schools’ operational levy realize that getting people fired up..Read more...

  • Pymatuning Valley Local School District classified employee has beef with superintendent (Ashtabula Star-Beacon)
  • A Pymatuning Valley Local School District classified employee says she has been placed on unpaid administrative leave after missing several weeks of work due to being on a mission trip out of the country...Read more...

  • Cleveland School district approves sale of administration building to hotel for $4.5 million (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • A St. Louis hotel company will become the new owners of the Cleveland School District's landmark East Sixth administration building after the school board voted 5-to- 3 to accept its $4.5 million bid Tuesday night...Read more...

  • Avon Lake City Schools stress passage of levy (Lorain Morning Journal)
  • As the May 7 primary election quickly approaches, Avon Lake City School board members met yesterday to discuss financials and stress how important the upcoming levy is to success of the district and city of Avon Lake...Read more...

  • 'Do the Right Thing' program returns to Lorain City Schools (Lorain Morning Journal)
  • Lorain City Schools’ “Do the Right Thing” program has returned after more than a year’s hiatus...Read more...

  • Niles McKinley High begins classes in new building (Youngstown Vindicator)
  • “It’s really nice, and I love it,” said Angelisa Beltran, a 17-year-old senior, as she and nearly 675 of her fellow students began their first day of classes in the new Niles McKinley High School...Read more...

  • Youngstown school board rejects funding members' trip to Calif. (Youngstown Vindicator)
  • If three city school board members want to attend a National School Boards Association conference this weekend in San Diego, they’ll have to pay for it themselves...Read more...

School levies on the May 2013 Ballot

The following 141 school issues will appear on May 7th ballots.

County Distrcit Type
Allen Apollo JVSD Combo
Allen Bluffton EVSD Inc Tax
Allen Elida LSD Levy
Allen Elida LSD Levy
Allen Lima CSD Levy
Ashland Hillsdale LSD Levy
Ashland Loudonville-Perrysville EVSD Levy
Ashland Loudonville-Perrysville EVSD Levy
Ashtabula Ashtabula CSD Levy
Ashtabula Jefferson LSD Levy
Athens Trimble LSD Levy
Auglaize St. Marys CSD Combo
Auglaize Waynesfield-Goshen LSD Levy
Belmont Bellaire LSD Levy
Belmont Bridgeport EVSD Levy
Belmont St. Clairsville-Richland CSD Levy
Carroll Brown LSD Combo
Carroll Carrollton EVSD Levy
Champaign Urbana CSD Levy
Clark Springfield CSD Bond
Clark Greenon LSD Combo
Clark Clark-Shawnee LSD Levy
Clark Tecumseh LSD Levy
Clermont Milford EVSD Levy
Columbiana Columbiana EVSD Bond
Columbiana Salem CSD Levy
Columbiana United LSD Levy
Crawford Galion CSD Levy
Cuyahoga Brooklyn CSD Combo
Cuyahoga Brecksville-Broadvw Hts CSD Levy
Cuyahoga Lakewood CSD Levy
Cuyahoga Westlake CSD Levy
Darke Mississinawa Valley LSD Levy
Delaware Delaware CSD Bond
Erie Edison LSD Levy
Erie Perkins LSD Levy
Erie Perkins LSD Levy
Fairfield Walnut Twp LSD Inc Tax
Franklin Groveport Madison LSD Levy
Fulton Swanton LSD Combo
Geauga Ledgemont LSD Levy
Greene Fairborn CSD Levy
Hamilton Forest Hills LSD Bond
Hamilton Oak Hills LSD Levy
Hancock Cory-Rawson LSD Inc Tax
Hardin Ada EVSD Inc Tax
Hardin Upper Scioto LSD Levy
Hardin Upper Scioto LSD Levy
Henry Napoleon Area CSD Inc Tax
Holmes West Holmes LSD Levy
Huron Monroeville LSD Levy
Huron Norwalk CSD Levy
Huron Willard CSD Levy
Jefferson Indian Creek LSD Bond
Jefferson Buckeye LSD Levy
Jefferson Jefferson Co JVSD Levy
Knox East Knox LSD Combo
Knox Mt. Vernon LSD Levy
Lake Kirtland LSD Levy
Lake Mentor EVSD Levy
Lake Mentor EVSD Levy
Lake Painesville CSD Levy
Lake Willoughby-Eastlake CSD Levy
Licking North Fork LSD Inc Tax
Licking Johnstown-Monroe LSD Levy
Licking Lakewood LSD Levy
Licking Licking Hts LSD Levy
Logan West Liberty Salem LSD Inc Tax
Logan Benjamin Logan LSD Levy
Lorain Amherst EVSD Levy
Lorain Amherst EVSD Levy
Lorain Avon Lake CSD Levy
Lorain Columbia LSD Levy
Lorain North Ridgeville CSD Levy
Lucas Oregon CSD Levy
Madison Madison-Plains LSD Levy
Mahoning Springfield LSD Combo
Mahoning Boardman LSD Levy
Mahoning Boardman LSD Levy
Mahoning Jackson-Milton LSD Levy
Mahoning Jackson-Milton LSD Levy
Mahoning Poland LSD Levy
Medina Black River LSD Levy
Medina Cloverleaf LSD Levy
Medina Medina CSD Levy
Mercer Celina CSD Inc Tax
Mercer Marion LSD Levy
Miami Covington EVSD Combo
Miami Milton-Union EVSD Levy
Miami Piqua CSD Levy
Miami Tipp City EVSD Levy
Monroe Switzerland of Ohio LSD Levy
Montgomery Jefferson Twp LSD Combo
Montgomery Brookville LSD Levy
Montgomery Brookville LSD Levy
Montgomery Centerville CSD Levy
Montgomery Huber Hts CSD Levy
Montgomery Valley View LSD Levy
Montgomery Vandalia-Butler CSD Levy
Morrow Cardington-Lincoln LSD Inc Tax
Muskingum East Muskingum LSD Levy
Muskingum West Muskingum LSD Levy
Noble Caldwell EVSD Levy
Portage Kent CSD Levy
Preble Twin Valley Community LSD Inc Tax
Richland Mansfield CSD Levy
Ross Chillicothe CSD Levy
Sandusky Gibsonburg EVSD Inc Tax
Sandusky Clyde-Green Springs EVSD Levy
Seneca Bettsville LSD Inc Tax
Seneca Fostoria CSD Levy
Shelby Fairlawn LSD Levy
Stark Canton LSD Bond
Stark Marlington LSD Combo
Stark Fairless LSD Levy
Stark Louisville CSD Levy
Stark North Canton CSD Levy
Summit Coventry LSD Combo
Summit Barberton CSD Levy
Summit Cuyahoga Falls CSD Levy
Summit Manchester LSD Levy
Summit Mogadore LSD Levy
Trumbull Brookfield LSD Levy
Trumbull Champion LSD Levy
Trumbull Girard CSD Levy
Trumbull Lakeview LSD Levy
Trumbull McDonald LSD Levy
Trumbull Maplewood LSD Levy
Trumbull Newton Falls EVSD Levy
Trumbull Niles CSD Levy
Trumbull Niles CSD Levy
Union Marysville EVSD Levy
Van Wert Van Wert CSD Inc Tax
Warren Carlisle LSD Levy
Wayne Orrville CSD Levy
Williams Millcreek West Unity LSD Levy
Wood Elmwood LSD Inc Tax
Wood Elmwood LSD Inc Tax
Wood Bowling Green CSD Levy
Wood North Baltimore LSD Levy
Wyandot Carey EVSD Combo

Note that the county listed is the primary county, some districts cross multiple county boundaries.