May 2013 School Levy Results

The results below are preliminary. A high number of levies passed or failed by less than 2%, with some seperated by just a handful of votes (the Dispatch is reporting that a recount is likely in Groveport as their levy is now failing by 16 votes). A number of these results then, are subject to change before the results are finalized.

Based on these preliminary results, just shy of 60% of all school levies passed yesterday, with a 90% passage rate for renewals and a somewhat higher than normal passage rate for New money requests.

New renewal Failed Passed Pass %
New 50 36 41.9%
Renewal 5 46 90.2%
Over all 55 82 59.9%

Here are the results of the May 7th 2013 school levy elections, currently reported

County District Type of issue Result N/R For Against
Allen Apollo JVSD Bond - School Passed N 58.0% 42.0%
Allen Bluffton EV Income Tax (Permanent Passed R 77.2% 22.8%
Allen Elida Local Permanent Improvement Passed R 60.6% 39.4%
Allen Elida Local Emergency Operating Failed N 46.8% 53.2%
Allen Lima City Emergency Operating Passed R 67.3% 32.7%
Ashland Hillsdale Local Current Expenses Passed R 72.1% 27.9%
Ashland Loudonville-Perrysville Emergency Operating Passed R 55.2% 44.8%
Ashland Loudonville-Perrysville Permanent Improvement Failed N 46.2% 53.8%
Ashtabula Ashtabula City Emergency Operating Failed N 48.4% 51.6%
Ashtabula Jefferson Area Local Current Expenses Passed R 58.1% 41.9%
Athens Trimble Local Permanent Improvement Failed N 48.9% 51.1%
Auglaize St. Marys City Income Tax (Current Failed N 39.7% 60.3%
Auglaize Waynesfield Goshen Permanent Improvement Passed R 64.6% 35.4%
Belmont Bellaire Local Emergency Operating Failed N 44.7% 55.3%
Belmont Bridgeport EV Current Operating Failed N 41.9% 58.1%
Belmont St. Clairsville-Richland Current Expenses Passed N 70.2% 29.8%
Carroll Brown Local Bond Issue (Building) & Failed N 49.2% 50.8%
Carroll Carrollton EV Emergency Operating Failed N 40.6% 59.4%
Champaign Urbana City Operating Expenses Passed N 75.9% 24.1%
Clark Clark-Shawnee Local Operating Levy Failed N 49.8% 50.2%
Clark Greenon Local Building & Current Failed N 46.1% 53.9%
Clark Springfield City Bond Issues (Building & Passed N 57.6% 42.4%
Clark Tecumseh Local Emergency Operating Failed N 31.0% 69.0%
Clermont Milford EV Current Operating Passed N 59.8% 40.2%
Columbiana Columbiana EV Bond (Building & Failed N 42.1% 57.9%
Columbiana Salem City Permanent Improvement Passed R 74.4% 25.6%
Columbiana United Local Permanent Improvement Failed N 41.1% 58.9%
Crawford Galion City Current Operating Failed N 33.8% 66.2%
Cuyahoga Brecksville-Broadview Current Operating Passed R 61.4% 38.6%
Cuyahoga Brooklyn City Bond (Building) & Passed N 57.6% 42.4%
Cuyahoga Lakewood City Current Operating Passed N 68.4% 31.6%
Cuyahoga Westlake City Current Operating Failed N 49.6% 50.4%
Darke Mississinawa Valley Building & Permanent Passed R 67.6% 32.4%
Delaware Delaware City Bond (Building & Passed N 60.6% 39.4%
Erie Edison Local Emergency Operating Passed N 52.0% 48.0%
Erie Perkins Local Permanent Passed R 51.4% 48.6%
Erie Perkins Local Emergency Operating Failed N 35.5% 64.5%
Fairfield Walnut Township Local Income Tax (Current Passed N 51.7% 48.3%
Franklin Groveport Madison Emergency Levy Passed N 50.2% 49.8%
Fulton Swanton Local Bond (Building) & Failed N 45.2% 54.8%
Geauga Ledgemont Local Operating Levy Failed N 40.2% 59.8%
Greene Fairborn City Emergency Levy Failed N 34.1% 65.9%
Hamilton Forest Hills Local Bond (Building & Failed N 45.0% 55.0%
Hamilton Oak Hills Local Operating Levy Failed N 45.2% 54.8%
Hancock Cory-Rawson Local Income Tax Current Passed R 58.0% 42.0%
Hardin Ada EV Income Tax Current Passed N 55.1% 44.9%
Hardin Upper Scioto Local Permanent Improvement Failed N 48.5% 51.5%
Hardin Upper Scioto Local Emergency Levy Passed R 55.4% 44.6%
Henry Napoleon Area City Income Tax Current Failed N 46.8% 53.2%
Holmes West Holmes Local Emergency Levy Passed R 67.4% 32.6%
Huron Monroeville Local Building & Passed R 51.0% 49.0%
Huron Willard City Permanent Failed N 39.4% 60.6%
Jefferson Buckeye Local Emergency Levy Failed N 34.5% 65.5%
Jefferson Indian Creek Local Bond (Building & Failed N 37.9% 62.1%
Jefferson Jefferson County JVSD Current Expense & Failed N 46.6% 53.4%
Knox East Knox Local Current Expense & Failed N 45.0% 55.0%
Knox Mount Vernon Local Emergency Levy Passed N 65.7% 34.3%
Lake Kirtland Local Emergency Levy Passed R 53.4% 46.6%
Lake Mentor EV Operating Expenses Passed R 73.2% 26.8%
Lake Mentor EV Permanent Passed R 73.1% 26.9%
Lake Painesville City Current Operating Passed R 58.8% 41.2%
Lake Willoughby-Eastlake Emergency Levy Failed R 46.7% 53.3%
Licking Johnstown-Monroe Emergency Levy Passed R 65.4% 34.6%
Licking Lakewood Local Emergency Levy Passed R 59.7% 40.3%
Licking Licking Heights Local Emergency Levy Failed N 38.9% 61.1%
Licking North Fork Local Income Tax Current Failed N 46.6% 53.4%
Logan Benjamin Logan Local Emergency Levy Failed N 49.5% 50.5%
Logan West Liberty Salem Income Tax Current Passed N 66.1% 33.9%
Lorain Amherst EV Permanent Improvement Passed R 61.0% 39.0%
Lorain Amherst EV Emergency Levy Passed R 62.0% 38.0%
Lorain Avon Lake City Emergency Levy Passed N 52.2% 47.8%
Lorain Columbia Local Current Expenses Failed N 44.3% 55.7%
Lorain North Ridgeville City Emergency Levy Passed R 64.4% 35.6%
Lucas Oregon City Building & Permanent Passed R 61.0% 39.0%
Madison Madison-Plains Local Permanent Failed N 43.9% 56.1%
Mahoning Boardman Local Permanent Passed N 50.1% 49.9%
Mahoning Boardman Local Current Operating Passed R 60.5% 39.5%
Mahoning Jackson-Milton Local Permanent Passed R 57.4% 42.6%
Mahoning Jackson-Milton Local Operating Expenses Passed R 57.3% 42.7%
Mahoning Poland Local Emergency Operating Passed R 65.4% 34.6%
Mahoning Springfield Local Building & Permanent Passed N 61.1% 38.9%
Medina Black River Local Emergency Operating Passed N 51.1% 48.9%
Medina Cloverleaf Local Emergency Operating Failed N 49.3% 50.7%
Mercer Celina City Income Tax Current Passed R 67.4% 32.6%
Mercer Marion Local Emergency Levy Passed R 61.2% 38.8%
Miami Covington EV Building & Permanent Passed N 51.6% 48.4%
Miami Milton-Union EV Current Expenses Passed R 58.2% 41.8%
Miami Piqua City Emergency Levy Passed R 64.5% 35.5%
Miami Tipp City EV Emergency Levy Passed N 51.4% 48.6%
Monroe Switzerland of Ohio Operating Expenses Failed N 48.9% 51.1%
Montgomery Brookville Local Current Expenses Passed R 68.8% 31.2%
Montgomery Brookville Local Current Expenses Passed N 50.0% 50.0%
Montgomery Centerville City Current Expenses Failed N 49.3% 50.7%
Montgomery Jefferson Township Bond Issue (Building) & Failed N 23.8% 76.2%
Montgomery Valley View Local Current Expenses Passed N 54.8% 45.2%
Morrow Cardington-Lincoln Income Tax Current Failed N 49.1% 50.9%
Muskingum East Muskingum Local Emergency Levy Passed R 76.8% 23.2%
Muskingum West Muskingum Local Emergency Levy Passed N 55.9% 44.1%
Noble Caldwell EV Replacement and Passed N 57.3% 42.7%
Portage Kent City Current Expenses Passed N 61.0% 39.0%
Preble Twin Valley Income Tax Current Failed N 48.4% 51.6%
Richland Mansfield City Emergency Levy Passed R 72.2% 27.8%
Ross Chillicothe City Emergency Levy Passed N 50.6% 49.4%
Sandusky Clyde-Green Springs Emergency Levy Failed N 38.4% 61.6%
Sandusky Gibsonburg EV Income Tax Current Failed N 47.5% 52.5%
Seneca Bettsville Local Income Tax Current Passed R 53.3% 46.7%
Seneca Fostoria City Necessary Requirements Passed N 59.0% 41.0%
Shelby Fairlawn Local Emergency Levy Passed R 66.4% 33.6%
Stark Canton Local Bond Building & Failed N 49.6% 50.4%
Stark Fairless Local Emergency Levy Failed N 39.0% 61.0%
Stark Louisville City Emergency Levy Passed N 62.0% 38.0%
Stark Marlington Local Bond (Building) & Failed N 43.8% 56.2%
Stark North Canton City Permanent Passed N 57.8% 42.2%
Summit Barberton City Emergency Levy Passed N 54.6% 45.4%
Summit Coventry Local Bond (Building) & Passed N 55.2% 44.8%
Summit Cuyahoga Falls City Permanent Failed N 42.8% 57.2%
Summit Manchester Local Current Expenses Passed R 72.0% 28.0%
Summit Mogadore Local Current Expenses Failed R 40.6% 59.4%
Trumbull Brookfield Local Current Expenses Passed R 50.1% 49.9%
Trumbull Champion Local Emergency Levy Passed N 51.6% 48.4%
Trumbull Girard City Emergency Levy Passed N 62.1% 37.9%
Trumbull Lakeview Local Emergency Levy Passed R 61.6% 38.4%
Trumbull Maplewood Local Emergency Levy Passed R 65.0% 35.0%
Trumbull McDonald Local Operating Expenses Passed R 63.5% 36.5%
Trumbull Newton Falls EV Emergency Levy Failed N 37.9% 62.1%
Trumbull Niles City Emergency Levy Failed N 29.9% 70.1%
Trumbull Niles City Permanent Failed N 30.6% 69.4%
Union Marysville EV Current Operating Passed R 78.8% 21.2%
Van Wert Van Wert City Income Tax Current Passed N 59.7% 40.3%
Warren Carlisle Local Operating Levy Passed N 53.4% 46.6%
Wayne Orrville City Current Expenses Failed N 40.6% 59.4%
Williams Millcreek West Unity Emergency Levy Passed R 70.2% 29.8%
Wood Bowling Green City Current Expenses Failed R 34.6% 65.4%
Wood Elmwood Local Income Tax Current Failed R 41.5% 58.5%
Wood Elmwood Local Income Tax Current Failed R 41.7% 58.3%
Wood North Baltimore Local Current Expenses Passed R 53.0% 47.0%
Wyandot Carey EV Bond (Building) & Passed N 64.4% 35.6%

School levies on the May 2013 Ballot

The following 141 school issues will appear on May 7th ballots.

County Distrcit Type
Allen Apollo JVSD Combo
Allen Bluffton EVSD Inc Tax
Allen Elida LSD Levy
Allen Elida LSD Levy
Allen Lima CSD Levy
Ashland Hillsdale LSD Levy
Ashland Loudonville-Perrysville EVSD Levy
Ashland Loudonville-Perrysville EVSD Levy
Ashtabula Ashtabula CSD Levy
Ashtabula Jefferson LSD Levy
Athens Trimble LSD Levy
Auglaize St. Marys CSD Combo
Auglaize Waynesfield-Goshen LSD Levy
Belmont Bellaire LSD Levy
Belmont Bridgeport EVSD Levy
Belmont St. Clairsville-Richland CSD Levy
Carroll Brown LSD Combo
Carroll Carrollton EVSD Levy
Champaign Urbana CSD Levy
Clark Springfield CSD Bond
Clark Greenon LSD Combo
Clark Clark-Shawnee LSD Levy
Clark Tecumseh LSD Levy
Clermont Milford EVSD Levy
Columbiana Columbiana EVSD Bond
Columbiana Salem CSD Levy
Columbiana United LSD Levy
Crawford Galion CSD Levy
Cuyahoga Brooklyn CSD Combo
Cuyahoga Brecksville-Broadvw Hts CSD Levy
Cuyahoga Lakewood CSD Levy
Cuyahoga Westlake CSD Levy
Darke Mississinawa Valley LSD Levy
Delaware Delaware CSD Bond
Erie Edison LSD Levy
Erie Perkins LSD Levy
Erie Perkins LSD Levy
Fairfield Walnut Twp LSD Inc Tax
Franklin Groveport Madison LSD Levy
Fulton Swanton LSD Combo
Geauga Ledgemont LSD Levy
Greene Fairborn CSD Levy
Hamilton Forest Hills LSD Bond
Hamilton Oak Hills LSD Levy
Hancock Cory-Rawson LSD Inc Tax
Hardin Ada EVSD Inc Tax
Hardin Upper Scioto LSD Levy
Hardin Upper Scioto LSD Levy
Henry Napoleon Area CSD Inc Tax
Holmes West Holmes LSD Levy
Huron Monroeville LSD Levy
Huron Norwalk CSD Levy
Huron Willard CSD Levy
Jefferson Indian Creek LSD Bond
Jefferson Buckeye LSD Levy
Jefferson Jefferson Co JVSD Levy
Knox East Knox LSD Combo
Knox Mt. Vernon LSD Levy
Lake Kirtland LSD Levy
Lake Mentor EVSD Levy
Lake Mentor EVSD Levy
Lake Painesville CSD Levy
Lake Willoughby-Eastlake CSD Levy
Licking North Fork LSD Inc Tax
Licking Johnstown-Monroe LSD Levy
Licking Lakewood LSD Levy
Licking Licking Hts LSD Levy
Logan West Liberty Salem LSD Inc Tax
Logan Benjamin Logan LSD Levy
Lorain Amherst EVSD Levy
Lorain Amherst EVSD Levy
Lorain Avon Lake CSD Levy
Lorain Columbia LSD Levy
Lorain North Ridgeville CSD Levy
Lucas Oregon CSD Levy
Madison Madison-Plains LSD Levy
Mahoning Springfield LSD Combo
Mahoning Boardman LSD Levy
Mahoning Boardman LSD Levy
Mahoning Jackson-Milton LSD Levy
Mahoning Jackson-Milton LSD Levy
Mahoning Poland LSD Levy
Medina Black River LSD Levy
Medina Cloverleaf LSD Levy
Medina Medina CSD Levy
Mercer Celina CSD Inc Tax
Mercer Marion LSD Levy
Miami Covington EVSD Combo
Miami Milton-Union EVSD Levy
Miami Piqua CSD Levy
Miami Tipp City EVSD Levy
Monroe Switzerland of Ohio LSD Levy
Montgomery Jefferson Twp LSD Combo
Montgomery Brookville LSD Levy
Montgomery Brookville LSD Levy
Montgomery Centerville CSD Levy
Montgomery Huber Hts CSD Levy
Montgomery Valley View LSD Levy
Montgomery Vandalia-Butler CSD Levy
Morrow Cardington-Lincoln LSD Inc Tax
Muskingum East Muskingum LSD Levy
Muskingum West Muskingum LSD Levy
Noble Caldwell EVSD Levy
Portage Kent CSD Levy
Preble Twin Valley Community LSD Inc Tax
Richland Mansfield CSD Levy
Ross Chillicothe CSD Levy
Sandusky Gibsonburg EVSD Inc Tax
Sandusky Clyde-Green Springs EVSD Levy
Seneca Bettsville LSD Inc Tax
Seneca Fostoria CSD Levy
Shelby Fairlawn LSD Levy
Stark Canton LSD Bond
Stark Marlington LSD Combo
Stark Fairless LSD Levy
Stark Louisville CSD Levy
Stark North Canton CSD Levy
Summit Coventry LSD Combo
Summit Barberton CSD Levy
Summit Cuyahoga Falls CSD Levy
Summit Manchester LSD Levy
Summit Mogadore LSD Levy
Trumbull Brookfield LSD Levy
Trumbull Champion LSD Levy
Trumbull Girard CSD Levy
Trumbull Lakeview LSD Levy
Trumbull McDonald LSD Levy
Trumbull Maplewood LSD Levy
Trumbull Newton Falls EVSD Levy
Trumbull Niles CSD Levy
Trumbull Niles CSD Levy
Union Marysville EVSD Levy
Van Wert Van Wert CSD Inc Tax
Warren Carlisle LSD Levy
Wayne Orrville CSD Levy
Williams Millcreek West Unity LSD Levy
Wood Elmwood LSD Inc Tax
Wood Elmwood LSD Inc Tax
Wood Bowling Green CSD Levy
Wood North Baltimore LSD Levy
Wyandot Carey EVSD Combo

Note that the county listed is the primary county, some districts cross multiple county boundaries.

November 2012 School Levy Results

It was a good night for a lot of school levies. Requests for new money were passed at rates 10% higher than last November's levies efforts, and renewals held steady at their normal 85% rate.

The biggest news, perhaps, was the passage of the Cleveland school levy 57-43. It's been a long time since Cleveland has produced such strong support for their schools, and that support now needs to be rewarded with a plan that delivers a quality education.

New renewal Failed Passed Pass %
New 76 45 32.2%
Renewal 10 60 85.7%
Over all 87 105 54.7%

Here's the full list of results.

County District Result N/R For Against
Allen Apollo Career Center Failed New 46.0% 54.0%
Allen Elida Local Failed Renewal 40.0% 60.0%
Allen Lima City Passed New 55.0% 45.0%
Allen Shawnee Local Passed Renewal 62.0% 38.0%
Allen Spencerville Local Passed Renewal 57.7% 42.3%
Ashland Ashland City Passed New 56.1% 43.9%
Ashland Hillsdale Local Failed New 42.7% 57.3%
Ashland West Holmes JVS Passed Renewal 59.6% 40.4%
Ashland West Holmes JVS Passed Renewal 58.5% 41.5%
Ashtabula Ashtabula Area City Failed New 42.7% 57.3%
Ashtabula Grand Valley Local Failed New 43.2% 56.8%
Ashtabula Jefferson Area Local Failed Renewal 49.5% 50.5%
Ashtabula Jefferson Area Local Failed Renewal 46.2% 53.9%
Athens Athens City Passed Renewal 65.3% 34.7%
Athens Trimble Local Failed New 46.9% 53.1%
Belmont Bellaire Local Failed New 42.7% 57.3%
Brown Western Brown Local Failed New 43.0% 57.0%
Butler Monroe Local Passed New 54.7% 45.3%
Carroll Brown Local Failed New 48.5% 51.5%
Champaign Urbana City Failed New 42.0% 58.0%
Clark Clark-Shawnee Local Passed Renewal 56.3% 43.7%
Clark Greenon Local Failed New 44.9% 55.2%
Clark Northeastern Local Failed New 40.0% 60.1%
Clark Tecumseh Local Failed New 43.8% 56.2%
Clermont Batavia Local Passed New 50.4% 49.6%
Clermont Milford EV Failed New 49.3% 50.7%
Clermont West Clermont Local Failed New 39.7% 60.3%
Clinton Blanchester Local Passed Renewal 69.6% 30.4%
Clinton East Clinton Local Failed 38.3% 61.7%
Coshocton Coshocton City Passed Renewal 61.7% 38.3%
Crawford Galion City Failed New 32.4% 67.6%
Cuyahoga Bay Village City Passed New 60.4% 39.6%
Cuyahoga Brooklyn City Passed Renewal 61.2% 38.9%
Cuyahoga Cleveland Municipal Passed New 56.6% 43.5%
Cuyahoga Euclid City Passed New 50.1% 50.0%
Cuyahoga Fairview Park City Passed Renewal 65.6% 34.5%
Cuyahoga Maple Heights City Passed Renewal 59.8% 40.2%
Cuyahoga North Roylaton City Failed New 47.2% 52.8%
Cuyahoga Richmond Heights Passed New 51.3% 48.7%
Cuyahoga Rocky River City Passed New 55.0% 45.0%
Cuyahoga South Euclid-Lyndhurst Passed New 53.8% 46.2%
Cuyahoga Strongsville City Passed New 50.0% 50.0%
Erie Edison Local Failed New 44.7% 55.3%
Erie Sandusky City Passed New 57.2% 42.8%
Fairfield Walnut Township Local Failed New 37.9% 62.1%
Franklin Dublin City Passed New 54.4% 45.6%
Franklin New Albany-Plain Local Passed New 50.2% 49.8%
Franklin Upper Arlington City Failed New 45.1% 54.9%
Franklin Worthington City Passed New 62.3% 37.7%
Franklin Worthington City Passed New 53.4% 46.6%
Geauga Cardinal Local Passed Renewal 57.8% 42.3%
Geauga Chardon Local Failed New 48.3% 51.7%
Geauga Ledgemont Local Passed New 50.1% 49.9%
Geauga Newbury Local Failed New 43.4% 56.6%
Geauga West Geauga Local Passed New 50.3% 49.8%
Greene Beavercreek City Failed New 49.7% 50.3%
Greene Cedar Cliff Local Passed New 61.8% 38.2%
Greene Fairborn City Failed New 45.7% 54.3%
Greene Xenia Community City Failed New 34.4% 65.6%
Greene Yellow Springs EV Passed New 67.1% 32.9%
Guernsey Cambridge City Passed Renewal 62.1% 37.9%
Hamilton Cincinnati City Passed Renewal 67.2% 32.9%
Hamilton Finneytown Local Passed New 56.0% 44.1%
Hamilton Mt Healthy City Failed New 45.7% 54.3%
Hamilton Northwest Local Failed New 45.5% 54.5%
Hamilton Reading Community Passed Renewal 71.4% 28.7%
Harrison Conotton Valley Union Failed New 43.1% 56.9%
Henry Napoleon Area City Failed New 44.6% 55.4%
Holmes West Holmes Local Passed Renewal 60.2% 39.8%
Huron Monroeville Local Passed New 53.4% 46.6%
Huron Norwalk City Failed New 45.3% 54.7%
Huron Williard City Failed Renewal 42.3% 57.7%
Jefferson Buckeye Local Failed New 38.0% 62.0%
Jefferson Edison Local Failed New 44.5% 55.5%
Jefferson Indian Creek Local Failed New 46.3% 53.7%
Jefferson Jefferson County JVSD Failed New 49.6% 50.4%
Knox Centerburg Local Passed Renewal 62.2% 37.8%
Knox East Knox Local Failed New 39.8% 60.2%
Knox Mount Vernon City Failed New 48.9% 51.1%
Lake Kirtland City Passed New 50.1% 49.9%
Lake Painesville City Passed New 50.3% 49.7%
Lake Willoughby-Eastlake Passed Renewal 59.8% 40.2%
Licking Johnstown-Monroe Passed Renewal 53.1% 46.9%
Licking Licking Heights Local Failed New 37.9% 62.1%
Licking North Fork Local Failed Renewal 42.2% 57.8%
Logan Indian Lake Local Failed New 37.7% 62.3%
Logan West Liberty-Salem Passed New 53.1% 46.9%
Lorain Amherst EV Passed New 52.1% 47.9%
Lorain Avon Lake City Failed New 47.2% 52.9%
Lorain Avon Local Passed New 59.9% 40.1%
Lorain Clearview Local Passed New 52.2% 47.8%
Lorain Columbia Local Passed Renewal 54.6% 45.4%
Lorain Columbia Local Passed Renewal 55.0% 45.0%
Lorain Elyria City Failed New 46.6% 53.4%
Lorain Lorain City Passed New 54.2% 45.8%
Lorain Lorain County JVSD Passed Renewal 60.1% 40.0%
Lorain Midview Local Failed New 38.7% 61.4%
Lorain North Ridgeville City Passed New 56.6% 43.4%
Lorain Oberlin City Passed Renewal 67.4% 32.6%
Lorain Oberlin City Passed Renewal 69.2% 30.9%
Lorain Wellington Exempted Passed New 59.1% 40.9%
Lucas Anthony Wayne Local Passed Renewal 61.7% 38.3%
Lucas Ottawa Hills Local Passed New 65.7% 34.3%
Lucas Toledo City Failed New 47.6% 52.5%
Madison Madison-Plains Local Failed New 45.8% 54.2%
Mahoning Boardman Local Passed New 53.3% 46.7%
Mahoning Jackson-Milton Local Failed New 32.8% 67.2%
Mahoning Jackson-Milton Local Failed Renewal 49.4% 50.6%
Mahoning Poland Local Passed New 55.0% 45.0%
Mahoning South Range Local Passed Renewal 57.6% 42.4%
Mahoning Springfield Local Failed New 47.7% 52.3%
Mahoning Youngstown City Passed Renewal 60.2% 39.8%
Marion River Valley Local Passed Renewal 54.5% 45.5%
Marion Tri-Rivers JVSD Failed New 41.4% 58.6%
Medina Black River Local Failed New 37.6% 62.4%
Medina Black River Local Failed New 35.9% 64.1%
Medina Cloverleaf Local Failed New 46.7% 53.3%
Medina Medina City Failed New 47.8% 52.2%
Mercer Celina City Failed New 32.5% 67.6%
Miami Miami East Local Passed Renewal 52.7% 47.3%
Miami Milton-Union EV Failed Renewal 49.9% 50.1%
Miami Newton Local Passed Renewal 54.0% 46.0%
Monroe Switzerland of Ohio Failed New 38.8% 61.2%
Montgomery Centerville City Failed New 49.5% 50.5%
Montgomery Huber Heights City Failed New 38.3% 61.7%
Montgomery Jefferson Township Failed New 48.7% 51.3%
Montgomery Miamisburg City Passed Renewal 57.2% 42.8%
Montgomery New Lebanon Local Passed Renewal 57.7% 42.3%
Montgomery New Lebanon Local Passed Renewal 59.2% 40.8%
Montgomery Valley View Local Failed New 46.9% 53.1%
Montgomery Vandalia-Butler City Failed New 45.5% 54.5%
Montgomery West Carrollton City Failed New 48.4% 51.6%
Morrow Cardington-Lincoln Failed New 34.7% 65.4%
Muskingum West Muskingum Local Failed New 44.9% 55.1%
Ottawa Port Clinton City Passed Renewal 55.8% 44.2%
Perry New Lexington City Passed Renewal 55.5% 44.5%
Portage Aurora City Passed New 51.2% 48.8%
Portage Crestwood Local Passed New 53.9% 46.1%
Portage Field Local Failed New 47.6% 52.4%
Portage Rootstown Local Passed Renewal 59.7% 40.3%
Portage Waterloo Local Failed New 43.0% 57.0%
Preble Tri-County North Local Passed Renewal 66.0% 34.0%
Putnam Ottawa-Glandorf Local Passed Renewal 65.1% 34.9%
Putnam Pandora-Gilboa Local Passed Renewal 58.8% 41.2%
Richland Mansfield City Failed Renewal 48.6% 51.4%
Richland Shelby City Failed New 32.8% 67.2%
Ross Zane Trace Local Passed Renewal 57.2% 42.8%
Sandusky Bellevue City Passed Renewal 52.6% 47.4%
Sandusky Clyde-Green Springs Passed Renewal 54.5% 45.6%
Sandusky Fremont City Passed Renewal 56.4% 43.6%
Sandusky Woodmore Local Passed Renewal 57.3% 42.7%
Scioto Green Local Passed New 51.8% 48.2%
Seneca Bettsville Local Failed Renewal 49.6% 50.4%
Seneca Mohawk Local Failed New 38.8% 61.2%
Seneca Tiffin City Passed Renewal 62.0% 38.0%
Shelby Fairlawn Local Failed Renewal 48.8% 51.2%
Stark Canton Local Failed New 48.3% 51.7%
Stark Louisville City Failed New 48.9% 51.1%
Stark Marlington Local Failed New 39.5% 60.5%
Stark Marlington Local Passed Renewal 59.4% 40.6%
Stark Massillon City Passed New 50.1% 49.9%
Stark Minerva Local Passed Renewal 53.6% 46.4%
Stark Tuslaw Local Passed Renewal 62.3% 37.7%
Summit Akron City Passed New 59.5% 40.5%
Summit Barberton City Failed New 45.4% 54.6%
Summit Coventry Local Passed Renewal 60.5% 39.5%
Summit Hudson City Passed Renewal 65.7% 34.4%
Summit Nordonia Hills City Failed New 40.1% 60.0%
Summit Norton City Passed New 53.4% 46.6%
Summit Stow-Munroe Falls City Passed Renewal 57.6% 42.4%
Summit Tallmadge City Failed New 38.8% 61.3%
Summit Twinsburg City Passed New 53.9% 46.1%
Summit Woodridge Local Passed New 55.5% 44.6%
Trumbull Brookfield Local Failed New 39.4% 60.6%
Trumbull Champion Local Failed New 48.6% 51.4%
Trumbull Howland Local Passed Renewal 60.2% 39.9%
Trumbull Joseph Badger Local Passed Renewal 51.9% 48.2%
Trumbull Mathews Local Passed New 50.2% 49.8%
Tuscarawas Buckeye JVSD Passed New 54.5% 45.5%
Tuscarawas Dover City Passed Renewal 55.8% 44.2%
Tuscarawas Dover City Passed Renewal 53.8% 46.2%
Tuscarawas New Philadelphia City Passed Renewal 64.6% 35.4%
Tuscarawas Strasburg-Franklin Passed Renewal 59.6% 40.4%
Tuscarawas Tuscarawas Valley Passed Renewal 61.9% 38.1%
Union Marysville EV Failed New 41.7% 58.3%
Van Wert Vantage Career Center Passed Renewal 67.4% 32.6%
Warren Carlisle Local Failed New 49.0% 51.0%
Washington Warren Local Failed New 38.7% 61.3%
Wayne Orrville City Failed New 38.1% 61.9%
Wayne Triway Local Passed Renewal 59.5% 40.5%
Wood Bowling Green City Failed New 47.7% 52.3%
Wood Perrysburg EV Passed New 51.3% 48.8%

November 2012 School levies and issues

With Early voting comming October 2, 2012, we thought it important to list all the school issues that will appear on ballots in Ohio. It should be noted that while there are 20 more school issues on the ballot this November, compared to November 2011, the ratio of renewals to new requests is almost identical at ~60% being requests for new money.

Type New Renew Total
Bond 9 9
Bond/Levy 14 14
Bond/Tax 1 1
Levy 85 67 152
Tax 7 8 15
Tax/Levy 4 4
Total 120 75 195

Here is the complete list of school related issues, as reported by the Ohio Secretary of State

County District Type N/R
ALLEN Apollo Career Center JVSD Bond/Levy New
ALLEN Elida LSD Tax New
ALLEN Lima CSD Levy New
ALLEN Shawnee LSD Levy Renew
ALLEN Spencerville LSD Tax Renew
ASHLAND Ashland County-West Holmes JVSD Levy Renew
ASHLAND Ashland County-West Holmes JVSD Levy Renew
ASHLAND Ashland CSD Bond/Levy New
ASHLAND Hillsdale LSD Tax/Levy New
ASHTABULA Ashtabula Area CSD Levy New
ASHTABULA Grand Valley LSD Levy New
ASHTABULA Jefferson Area LSD Levy Renew
ASHTABULA Jefferson Area LSD Levy Renew
ATHENS Athens CSD Levy Renew
ATHENS Trimble LSD Levy New
BELMONT Bellaire LSD Levy New
BROWN Western Brown LSD Levy New
BUTLER Monroe LSD Levy New
CARROLL Brown LSD Bond/Levy New
CLARK Clark-Shawnee LSD Levy Renew
CLARK Greenon LSD Bond/Tax New
CLARK Northeastern LSD Tax New
CLARK Tecumseh LSD Levy New
CLERMONT Batavia LSD #1 Bond/Levy New
CLERMONT Batavia LSD #2 Bond/Levy New
CLERMONT Milford EVSD Levy New
CLERMONT West Clermont LSD Levy New
CLINTON Blanchester LSD Levy Renew
CLINTON East Clinton LSD Tax New
COSHOCTON Coshocton CSD Levy Renew
CRAWFORD Galion CSD Levy New
CUYAHOGA Bay Village CSD Bond New
CUYAHOGA Brooklyn CSD Levy Renew
CUYAHOGA Cleveland Municipal SD Levy New
CUYAHOGA Euclid CSD Levy New
CUYAHOGA Fairview Park CSD Levy Renew
CUYAHOGA Maple Heights CSD Levy Renew
CUYAHOGA North Royalton CSD Bond New
CUYAHOGA Richmond Heights LSD Levy New
CUYAHOGA Rocky River CSD Levy New
CUYAHOGA South Euclid-Lyndhurst CSD Levy New
CUYAHOGA Strongsville CSD Bond New
ERIE Edison LSD Levy New
ERIE Sandusky CSD Levy New
FAIRFIELD Walnut Township LSD Tax New
FRANKLIN Dublin CSD Bond/Levy New
FRANKLIN New Albany-Plain LSD Bond/Levy New
FRANKLIN Upper Arlington CSD Levy New
FRANKLIN Worthington CSD Bond New
FRANKLIN Worthington CSD Levy New
GEAUGA Cardinal LSD Levy Renew
GEAUGA Chardon LSD Levy New
GEAUGA Ledgemont LSD Levy New
GEAUGA Newbury LSD Levy New
GEAUGA West Geauga LSD Levy New
GREENE Beavercreek CSD Levy New
GREENE Cedar Cliff LSD Levy Renew
GREENE Fairborn CSD Levy New
GREENE Xenia Community CSD Levy New
GREENE Yellow Springs EVSD Levy New
GUERNSEY Cambridge CSD Levy Renew
HAMILTON Cincinnati CSD Levy Renew
HAMILTON Finneytown LSD Bond New
HAMILTON Mt. Healthy CSD Levy New
HAMILTON Northwest LSD Levy New
HAMILTON Reading Community CSD Levy Renew
HARRISON Conotton Valley Union LSD Levy New
HENRY Napoleon Area CSD Levy New
HOLMES West Holmes LSD Levy Renew
HURON Monroeville LSD (Huron*, Erie) Bond New
HURON Norwalk CSD Levy New
HURON Willard CSD Levy Renew
JEFFERSON Buckeye LSD Levy New
JEFFERSON Indian Creek LSD Bond/Levy New
JEFFERSON Jefferson County JVSD Levy New
KNOX Centerburg LSD Levy Renew
KNOX East Knox LSD Tax/Levy New
KNOX Mount Vernon CSD Levy New
LAKE Kirtland CSD Levy New
LAKE Painesville CSD Levy New
LAKE Riverside LSD Levy New
LAKE Willoughby-Eastlake CSD Levy Renew
LICKING Johnstown-Monroe LSD Tax Renew
LICKING Licking Heights LSD Levy New
LICKING North Fork LSD Tax Renew
LOGAN Indian Lake LSD Levy New
LOGAN West Liberty-Salem SD Bond/Levy New
LORAIN Amherst EVSD Levy New
LORAIN Avon Lake CSD Levy New
LORAIN Avon LSD Bond New
LORAIN Clearview LSD Levy New
LORAIN Columbia LSD Levy Renew
LORAIN Columbia LSD Levy Renew
LORAIN Elyria CSD Levy New
LORAIN Lorain County JVSD Levy Renew
LORAIN Lorain CSD Levy New
LORAIN Midview LSD Tax/Levy New
LORAIN North Ridgeville CSD Levy New
LORAIN Oberlin CSD Levy Renew
LORAIN Oberlin CSD Tax Renew
LORAIN Wellington EVSD Bond/Levy New
LUCAS Anthony Wayne LSD Levy Renew
LUCAS Ottawa Hills LSD Levy New
LUCAS Toledo CSD Levy New
MADISON Madison-Plains LSD Levy Renew
MAHONING Boardman LSD Levy New
MAHONING Jackson-Milton LSD Levy New
MAHONING Jackson-Milton LSD Levy Renew
MAHONING Poland LSD Levy New
MAHONING South Range LSD Levy Renew
MAHONING Springfield LSD Bond/Levy New
MAHONING Youngstown CSD Levy Renew
MARION River Valley LSD Levy Renew
MARION Tri-Rivers JVSD Levy New
MEDINA Black River LSD Levy New
MEDINA Black River LSD Levy New
MEDINA Cloverleaf LSD Levy New
MEDINA Medina CSD Levy New
MERCER Celina CSD Bond/Levy New
MIAMI Miami East LSD Levy Renew
MIAMI Milton-Union EVSD Levy Renew
MIAMI Newton LSD Tax Renew
MONROE Switzerland of Ohio LSD Levy New
MONTGOMERY Centerville CSD Levy New
MONTGOMERY Huber Heights CSD Levy New
MONTGOMERY Jefferson Township LSD Bond/Levy New
MONTGOMERY Miamisburg CSD Levy Renew
MONTGOMERY New Lebanon LSD Levy Renew
MONTGOMERY New Lebanon LSD Levy Renew
MONTGOMERY Northmont CSD Levy Renew
MONTGOMERY Valley View LSD Levy New
MONTGOMERY Vandalia-Butler CSD Levy New
MONTGOMERY West Carrollton CSD Levy New
MORROW Cardington-Lincoln LSD Tax New
MUSKINGUM West Muskingum LSD Levy New
OTTAWA Port Clinton CSD Levy Renew
PERRY New Lexington CSD Levy Renew
PORTAGE Aurora CSD Levy New
PORTAGE Crestwood LSD Levy New
PORTAGE Field LSD Levy New
PORTAGE Rootstown LSD Levy Renew
PORTAGE Waterloo LSD Levy New
PREBLE Tri-County North LSD Levy Renew
PUTNAM Ottawa-Glandorf LSD Levy Renew
PUTNAM Pandora-Gilboa LSD Tax Renew
RICHLAND Mansfield CSD Levy Renew
RICHLAND Shelby CSD Levy New
ROSS Zane Trace LSD Levy Renew
SANDUSKY Bellevue City Levy Renew
SANDUSKY Bellevue CSD Levy Renew
SANDUSKY Clyde-Green Springs EVSD Levy Renew
SANDUSKY Fremont CSD Tax Renew
SANDUSKY Woodmore LSD Levy Renew
SCIOTO Green LSD Levy Renew
SENECA Bettsville LSD Tax Renew
SENECA Mohawk LSD Levy New
SENECA Tiffin CSD Levy Renew
SHELBY Fairlawn LSD Levy Renew
STARK Canton LSD Bond New
STARK Louisville CSD Levy New
STARK Marlington LSD Levy Renew
STARK Massillon CSD Levy New
STARK Minerva LSD Levy Renew
STARK Tuslaw LSD Levy Renew
SUMMIT Akron CSD Levy New
SUMMIT Barberton CSD Levy New
SUMMIT Coventry LSD Levy Renew
SUMMIT Hudson CSD Levy Renew
SUMMIT Nordonia Hills CSD Levy New
SUMMIT Norton CSD Levy New
SUMMIT Stow-Munroe Falls CSD Levy Renew
SUMMIT Tallmadge CSD Bond New
SUMMIT Twinsburg CSD Levy New
SUMMIT Woodridge LSD Levy New
TRUMBULL Brookfield LSD Tax New
TRUMBULL Champion LSD Levy New
TRUMBULL Howland LSD Levy Renew
TRUMBULL Joseph Badger LSD Levy Renew
TRUMBULL Mathews LSD Levy New
TUSCARAWAS Buckeye JVSD Levy Renew
TUSCARAWAS New Philadelphia CSD Levy Renew
TUSCARAWAS Strasburg-Franklin LSD Levy Renew
TUSCARAWAS Tuscarawas Valley LSD Levy Renew
UNION Marysville EVSD Levy New
VAN WERT Vantage Career Center JVSD Levy Renew
WARREN Carlisle LSD Levy New
WASHINGTON Warren LSD Bond/Levy New
WAYNE Orrville CSD Tax/Levy New
WAYNE Triway LSD Levy Renew
WOOD Bowling Green CSD Tax New
WOOD Perrysburg EVSD Levy New

School privatization bill under intense pressure

With opposition to the public school privatization bill (HB136) now at record levels, the bill's sponsor, Rep Matt Huffman is looking to make changes

according to GOP sources, Huffman is proposing to scale back the bill in several ways.

He reportedly is proposing to: lower income requirements so fewer students would qualify for a voucher; cap the amount of tax revenues a school district would lose for students transferring to a private school with a voucher; limit the number of students a district could lose to the program to no more than 1 percent of enrollment; and eliminate a provision that would allow parents to deposit any unused voucher money into a college savings account for their child.

As Tom Ash the director of governmental development for BASA notes, it is unlikely to be enough, especially in light of the revelations reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer in depth report over the weekend titled "Voucher program gets little scrutiny".

Six years after Ohio taxpayers began paying private-school tuition for what is now more than 15,000 students, the state is not reporting academic results for about half of them.

State education officials say online access, human error and the independence of private schools all play a role in the lack of state testing results in their annual reports.

Even the Governor's spokesperson admits that this is a troublesome finding. It continues a pattern of weakening public education in the name of "choice" and "competition", but not applying the same standards of transparency and accountability to tax payer funded private schools.

With more and more school districts and education organizations joining the ranks of opposition almost daily now, and reports that the current voucher effort is woefully failing in it's legally mandated transparency requirements, HB136 is a bill that should simply be tabled.

Here's the most recent list of districts and organizations opposing HB136, from OSBA

Akron  City Mapleton  Local
Allen  County  ESC Maplewood  Career  Center
Amanda-­-Clearcreek  Local Mariemont  City
Amherst  Ex  Vill Marietta  City
Arcadia  Local Marion  City
Archbold  Area  Local Marysville  Ex  Vill
Ashland  County-­-West  Holmes  JVSD Maumee  City
Ashtabula  Area  City McDonald  Local
Ashtabula  County  T&C Ctr. Medina  Ci†y
Athens-­-Meigs  ESC Medina  County  ESC
Aurora  City Meigs  Local
Austintown  Local Mentor  Ex  Vill
Ayersville  Local Middletown  City
Barnesville  Ex  Vill Millcreek-­-West  Unity  Local
Bath  Local Mohawk  Local
Bay  Village  City Morgan  Local
Bellbrook-­-Sugarcreek  Local Muskingum  Valley  ESC
Bellefontaine  City Napoleon  Area  City
Belpre  City National  Trail  Local
Benjamin  Logan  Local New  Bremen  Local
Benton-­-Carroll-­-Salem  Local New  Philadelphia  City
Bethel-­-Tate  Local New  Riegel  Local
Big  Walnut  Local Newark  City
Bloom-­-Carroll  Local Newbury  Local
Boardman  Local Newton  Falls  Ex  Vill
Botkins  Local Niles  City
Bowling  Green  City Noble  Local
Bristol  Local Nordonia  Hills  City
Brookfield  Local North  College  Hill  City
Brooklyn  City North  Fork  Local
Brown  County  ESC North  Olmsted  City
Brown  Local  (Carroll) Northeastern  Local
Brunswick  City Northridge  Local
Buckeye  Central  Local Northwest  Ohio  ESC
Buckeye  Local  (Ashtabula) Northwestern  Local
Buckeye  Valley  Local Norton  City
Bucyrus  City Norwood  Local
C-­-Tech  of  Licking  County Oak  Hills  Local
Canfield  Local Oakwood  City
Carey  Ex  Vill Oberlin  City
Cedar  Cliff  Local Olmsted  Falls  City
Centerburg  Local Orange  City
Chagrin  Falls  Ex  Vill Orrville  City
Champion  Local Ottawa-­-Glandorf  Local
Chardon  Local Ottoville  Local
Chillicothe  City Painesville  City
Chippawa  Local Perry-­-Hocking  ESC
Clark  County  ESC Perrysburg  Local
Clark-­-Shawnee  Local Pike-­-Delta-­-York  Local
Clay  Local Port  Clinton  City
Cleveland  Municipal Portsmouth  City
Clinton-­-Massie  Local Preble  County  ESC
Columbia  Local Reading  Community  City
Columbiana  Ex  Vill Revere  Local
Columbus  Grove  Local Rittman  Ex  Vill
Conneaut  Area  City Riverside  Local
Conotton  Valley  Union  Local Ross-­-Pike  ESD
Coshocton  City St.  Henry  Consolidated  Local
Crestview  Local St.  Marys  City
Crestwood  Local Shaker  Heights  Local
Crooksville  Ex  Vill Shawnee  Local
Cuyahoga  Heights  Local Sidney  City
Danville  Local Solon  City
Dayton  City South  Central  Ohio  ESC
Deer  Park  City South  Central  Local
Delaware  City South  Range  Local
Dublin  City South-­-Western    City
East  Guernsey  Local Southeast  Local
East  Holmes  Local Southeastern  Local
East  Knox  Local Southern  Hills  JVSD
Eastern  Local  (Brown) Southern  Local  (Meigs)
Eastern  Local  (Meigs) Southern  Local  (Perry)
Elida  Local Southern  Ohio  ESC
Elyria  City Southington  Local
Euclid  City Southwest  Licking  Local
Fairbanks  Local Spencerville  Local
Fairborn  City Springfield  City
Fairfield  City Springfield  Clark  CTC
Fairfield  Union  Local Springfield  Local  (Lucas)
Fairland  Local Springfield  Local  (Mahoning)
Fairless  Local Steubenville  City
Fairview  Park  City Stow-­-Munroe  Falls  City
Fayetteville-­-Perry  Local Strasburg-­-Franklin  Local
Federal  Hocking  Local Streetsboro  City
Felicity-­-Franklin  Local Strongsville  City
Field  Local Talawanda  City
Finneytown  Local Tecumseh  Local
Firelands  Local Toledo  Public
Forest  Hills  Local Triad  Local
Fort  Frye  Local Tri-­-County  ESC
Franklin  City Tri-­-Village  Local
Franklin  Local Trumbull  County  CTC
Fredericktown  Local Trumbull  County  ESC
Fremont  City Tuscarawas  Valley  Local
Galion  City Tuslaw  Local
Georgetown  Ex  Vill Twinsburg  City
Gibsonburg  Ex  Vill Union  Local
Goshen  Local United  Local
Graham  Local Upper  Arlington  City
Granville  Ex  Vill Upper  Sandusky  Ex  Vill
Green  Local Urbana  City
Greenon  Local Valley  View  Local
Groveport  Madison  Local Vanlue  Local
Hardin-­-Houston  Local Van  Wert  City
Highland  Local Vermilion  Local
Howland  Local Vinton  County  Local
Huntington  Local Wadsworth  City
Independence  Local Wapakoneta  City
Ironton  City Warren  City
Jackson-­-Milton  Local Washington  Local
Jefferson  Area  Local Waterloo  Local
Jefferson  County  ESC Wauseon  Ex  Vill
Jefferson  County  JVS Waverly  City
Jefferson  Local  (Madison) Wayne  County  JVS
Jennings  Local Waynesfield-­-Goshen  Local
Kalida  Local Wellston  City
Kenston  Local Wellsville  Local
Kent  City West  Branch  Local
Keystone  Local West  Carrollton  City
Kirtland  Local Western  Brown  Local
Knox  County  Career  Center Westlake  City
LaBrae  Local Wheelersburg  Local
Lakeview  Local Williamsburg  Local
Lakewood  City Winton  Woods  City
Lawrence  County  JVS Woodridge  Local
Leetonia  Ex  Vill Wooster  City
Liberty  Local Worthington  City
Licking  County  ESC Xenia  Community
Lima  City Yellow  Springs  Local
Lincolnview  Local Youngstown  City
Lisbon  Ex  Vill Zanesville  City
Logan-­-Hocking  Local County-­-wide  Letters  in  Opposition:
Lordstown  Local Lake  County  Superintendents
Loudonville-­-Perrysville  Ex  Vill Lorain  County  Superintendents
Lucas  County  ESC Medina  County  Superintendents
Lynchburg-­-Clay  Local Southern  Ohio  ESC  Center
Manchester  Local Member  District  Superintendents
Trumbull  County  Superintendent's  Assoc.