Leaked docs show Rhee propping up Gov Kasich agenda

A leaked StudentsFirst briefing document, obtained by JTF, demonstrates how Michele Rhee allowed her organization to be used to "shore up weak support" for Governor Kasich's budget

Drive to Cleveland!

@ 6:10 Governor Kasich will start the viewing of Waiting for Superman. Margaret Spelling will give a pre-taped special message at the beginning. Mafara will be on site.

(NOTE: WFS will be broadcast via webcam to six other town hall meetings through out the state. The locations were chosen based on districts where we need to sure up support for the Governor’s budget. It’s also being broadcast via webcam for house parties that were put together by the Partnership for Ohio’s Future.)

Below is the document in full, detailing how Rhee's organization worked closely with Michigan legislators to institute corporate education reforms and roll back collective bargaining.

Collective Bargaining
StudentsFirst did not work directly with the House on the collective bargaining bill and we have not expressed public support for the bill. However, many of the things they included in the bill came from our policy agenda and pave the way for implementing a new eval process, mutual consent and performance based RIFs.

Leaked StudentsFirst Ohio Briefing Document