Education News for 5-29-2013

State Education News

  • Columbus school-levy bill advances in legislature (Columbus Dispatch)
  • After hearing testimony from two Columbus school-board members and others, the Ohio House Education Committee voted 16-3 yesterday to send a bill to the full House that would require a school district property-tax issue…Read more...

  • Gender split proves positive in Hamilton schools (Hamilton Journal-News)
  • The lunch period at any school can sometimes be a chaotic scene of boys and girls vying for each other’s attention…Read more...

  • Lorain Superintendent Tucker outlines comprehensive academic recovery plan (Lorain Morning Journal)
  • On the same day Superintendent Tom Tucker outlined his comprehensive academic recovery plan for Lorain City Schools, its treasurer presented a gloomy financial forecast…Read more...

  • Greenon follows trend on all-day kindergarten (Springfield News-Sun)
  • Kindergartners entering Greenon schools next year will get more time to learn as the district moves to all-day classes, following a state and national trend…Read more...

  • School Nurses Want Law To Help Them Save Students From Deadly Allergic Reactions (WBNS)
  • As the school year comes to an end, state lawmakers will be getting a bill backed by school nurses within the next few weeks. Nurses want to save the lives of students who have allergic reactions to food for the first time while at school…Read more...

Local Education News

  • Columbus board mum on hiring provost (Columbus Dispatch)
  • The Columbus Board of Education met privately at noon yesterday to discuss hiring Ohio State University Vice President and Provost Joseph Alutto to become acting superintendent…Read more...

  • Hancock School board to rescind some layoffs (Steubenville Herald-Star)
  • Three months after announcing teacher and other staff layoffs, the Hancock County Board of Education is poised to call some of those people back…Read more...

  • Struthers considers drug tests for athletes (Youngstown Vindicator)
  • The Struthers City School District may begin drug testing its student athletes in grades seven through 12 as soon as the 2013-14 academic year…Read more...

Education News for 10-03-2012

State Education News

  • Field trips might as well be ancient history (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  • No one saw it coming at the time, but when then-President George W. Bush came to Butler County in 2002 to sign the historic No Child Left Behind act…Read more...

  • State releases preliminary schools report (Portsmouth Daily Times)
  • After weeks of delay, the Ohio Department of Education has released the preliminary 2011- 12 Local Report Cards…Read more...

  • Feds find district failed to stop discrimination (Springfield News-Sun)
  • A federal investigation found that the Northeastern Local School District failed to adequately investigate, effectively address and prevent recurrences…Read more...

Local Education News

  • Reading instructors in short supply (Columbus Dispatch)
  • The Columbus schools will face a shortage of teachers certified as reading-intervention specialists…Read more...

  • Big cuts predicted if levy fails (Toledo Blade)
  • If the Perrysburg Schools levy fails in November, students may need to make their own way to school, spend a shorter time in a bigger class…Read more...

  • Cardinal Autism Resource and Education School in Mentor flourishing (Willoughby News Herald)
  • The hallway at Cardinal Autism Resource and Education School is silent thanks to special soundproofing around classroom doors…Read more...

  • Clergy comes together to support Cleveland (WKYC)
  • Members of the Cleveland clergy came together Tuesday afternoon to show their support for the Cleveland school levy/Issue 107…Read more...

  • Lack of nurses, social workers in schools (WKYC)
  • Through budget cuts, the Cleveland School District has cut nurses and eliminated social workers all together…Read more...

SB5 arguments language

Here's the language for the yes and NO on issue 2 that will appear on the ballots

Argument and Explanation in Opposition to Issue 2



  • Issue 2 puts all our families' safety at risk—making it harder for emergency responders, police and firefighters to negotiate for critical safety equipment and training that protects us all.
  • Issue 2 will make our nursing shortage worse. It makes it illegal for nurses, hospital and clinic workers to demand reasonable safe staffing levels—so nurses will juggle more patients while their salaries and benefits are cut.

Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund, Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters say NO on Issue 2


  • The same Columbus politicians who call for "shared sacrifice" exploited a loophole, giving a special exception to politicians and upper management.
  • Ohio's public employees have already sacrificed—saving Ohio taxpayers over $350 million through concessions, including pay freezes and unpaid furlough days.
  • It's not Ohio values to let firefighters, police and teachers lose their rights and see wages and benefits gutted, while insiders, politicians and people at the top sacrifice nothing.


  • Instead of creating jobs to fix our economy, politicians like Governor Kasich gave away hundreds of millions in corporate tax breaks—draining our state budget while Ohio continues to lose jobs—and passed flawed laws like SB 5 to pay back their campaign donors.
  • Teachers, nurses, firefighters are not the reason Ohio's budget is in trouble. Big corporations. their high-paid lobbyists and the politicians they fund are blaming middle class Ohioans for a problem they caused.

Issue 2: Another example of the politicians turning their backs on Ohio's middle class.
Send Them a Message- Stop Working for the Special Interests. Start Working for We the People.

Official Argument and Explanation for Issue 2

Vote YES on Issue 2

A YES vote on Issue 2 will make long overdue reforms to unfair and costly government employment practices in Ohio, while helping to get government spending under control and making government more accountable to taxpayers.
Your YES vote on Issue 2 will:

Protect Good Teachers and Improve Our Schools

  • Issue 2 keeps the best teachers in the classroom by ending the unfair practice of seniority-based layoffs, which forces struggling schools to cut many of our best teachers first.
  • Issue 2 returns control of our schools to taxpayers by bringing increased transparency to teacher contract negotiations.
  • Issue 2 enables schools to retain and reward good teachers by allowing them to base pay raises on job performance.

Restore Balance and Ensure Fairness

  • Issue 2 ensures that government employees receive quality health care, but asks them to pay a mere 15% of their health insurance coverage, which is still less than half of what the average private sector worker pays (31%).
  • Issue 2 asks government employees to make a fair contribution (10%) to their taxpayer funded retirement plans instead of requiring taxpayers to provide these pension benefits for free. Many private sector workers get no retirement benefits at all.
  • Issue 2 allows good job performance to be considered when awarding pay raises to government employees. Private sector workers earn their paychecks by doing a good job, and so should government employees.

Get Spending Under Control, Retain Jobs, and Protect Taxpayers

  • Issue 2 will save our communities millions of dollars annually, helping them balance their budgets and retain jobs.
  • Issue 2 will protect taxpayers by giving them the right to reject unaffordable government employment contracts.
  • Issue 2 is the right change at the right time

Vote YES on Issue 2

Ohio Issue 2 arguments