The cost of Charters

One slide presented last night at the Dublin budget town hall really stood out.

Dublin City Schools Budget Presentation - May 11th, 2011


 only receive ~
state, but if a student in their district transfers to a charter school $5,732 is taken to pay for that. That's a disproportionate subtraction and one of the direct costs of so-called "Choice". In Dublin it's costing between $300,000 and $400,000 alone.

What's more baffling about this continued policy is that Dublin City Schools are rated Excellent with distinction and have one of the lowest percentages of expenditure on administration per pupil. There's simply no need for charter schools to suck money away from high performing districts like this, yet we allow it.

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The Reckless Budget

The Budget Facts, so far

  • The budget leaves school districts with $3.1 billion less overall funding over the next two years. That means school districts will have 11.5% less total funding next year, and a 4.5% further decrease in the budget’s second year, forcing drastic cuts and property tax increases.
  • There are no strategies to make up for an estimated $800 million in annual lost federal funding.
  • The budget reneges on “hold harmless” payments to schools during the phase-out period for Tangible Personal Property Taxes, costing school districts $678 million over two years.
  • The budget provides nearly $400 million less over the biennium to higher education, including a 5% cut to the Ohio College Opportunity Grant next year.
  • The cuts extend to nearly every area of education – early childhood, special education, prison education and instruction for incarcerated youths.

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