Kasich Budget Calls for Teachers To Intern with Local Businesses As License Renewal Criteria

Buried 1056 pages deep in the Governor's budget (HB-49) is this eye popping provision

Sec. 3319.236. Beginning September 1, 2018, the state board of education's rules for the renewal of educator licenses shall require each applicant for renewal of a license to complete an on-site work experience with a local business or chamber of commerce as a condition of renewal. Work experience obtained pursuant to this section shall count toward any required continuing education. Each local professional development committee established under section 3319.22 of the Revised Code shall work with its teachers to identify local work experience opportunities that meet the requirements of this section. 

Does the governor seriously think that having tens of thousands of teachers intern with the local plumbers, pizza shops, car dealership, or chambers of commerce will make them better intervention specialists? Math teachers? Spanish teachers? Band directors?

This buried provision comes on top of the provision proposed by the governor to stack board of education with "business people".  That the governor thinks local business people are bigger experts than career trained and qualified educators is downright offensive, and for students, dangerous.

It is local business people would benefit from seeing professional educators in action in their local schools. That's the internship that should be happening.