Budget Update #2 - Pack School Boards With Non-elected "Business" People?

Cleveland.com dropped this nugget from by the Governor, in anticipation of what might be included in his budget

Business leaders on school boards.

Kasich said Thursday the budget will require each school board superintendent to appoint three nonvoting, ex-officio school board members from the business community.

The governor's workforce transformation board suggested the proposal to help educators learn more about work opportunities for their students and for businesses to share their workforce needs.

"Our K-12 education system in this country is virtually impossible to reform," Kasich said. "Can we fix it? No question about it, but who fixes it? Can I fix it from the top down? Or can you fix it by having your school board take action?"

How does adding 3 more people who know nothing about public education and pedagogy help students become life long learners? It's not like there's a Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates in each of the 611 school districts throughout the state. It's not like either Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg have had a positive impact where they have been involved! Does the local plumber, or pizza shop owner have any greater insight?

Here's how one School Board President reacted to the news

Our local School Board consists of one retired public administrator, one retired teacher, one retired BUSINESS person, and two active BUSINESSMEN, elected by the local voters of our local school district. It seems this community already has this non-issue covered. 

In lieu of three more business folks, I'd like to see just ONE OHIO GOVERNOR who funded public education so as to abide by our State Constitution; and having secured adequate funding for each district, ONE OHIO GOVERNOR who did not usurp local control over such diverse items as curriculum and staff evaluations; ONE OHIO GOVERNOR who did not balance his budget on the backs of local governments; ONE OHIO GOVERNOR who did not spend almost a full year running for higher office rather than working to stop the misuse of Ohio public school tax dollars by FOR PROFIT (NON-) EDUCATIONAL COMPANIES; ONE OHIO GOVERNOR who thought that the children of our quality school district are of equal monetary investment as, oh let's say, the same "student" enrolled in ECOT; and ONE OHIO GOVERNOR who did not hold out the false hope to Ohio children and their parents that charter schools in Ohio have to meet the same standards as public schools, the real "Community Schools". 

This OHIO GOVERNOR is trying to kill public education, a major component of a free and democratic society. This does not bode well for the future of Ohio or Ohio children.

Bruce Sucher

Vandalia, Ohio