Budget Update #3 - Kasich Promises Tough Fiscal Conditions For Schools

Gov. John Kasich said yesterday that school funding will see an annual 1% state funding increase in the administration's biennial budget. Given that the current rate of inflation is 2.1 percent, this will amount to a cut in funding in real terms. 

"We don't have any more money...but we have had a consistent increase in education over the last six years and we're going to have a second biennium and what we call a mid-biennium review and, if we get more revenue, then education will obviously be one of our priorities," he told reporters during a Statehouse event.

The governor told the school leaders he wished he could give them money to recognize their accomplishments, but joked that they'd have to settle for plaques while the budget is tight.

These are funding choices that the Governor and his legislature have made. They chose to cut taxes, leading to school tough fiscal conditions for schools. They could easily choose to do otherwise.

We want to raise standards and hold teachers accountable, when the legislature and Governor are lowering funding standards and not being held accountable for it. Something is broken.