Budget Update #5 - When the GOP Budget Chair Calls Your Budget "Asinine"

When the Republican Chair of the budget committee calls aspects of the governor's school funding budget provisions "asinine" you know things are not going to go well.

Initial reports, based simply on comments from the governor, indicated schools could expect a $200 million in crease in funding. This has happened repeatedly, and we've always cautioned a wait and see.

The proposed cuts are bad.

Nearly half of Ohio’s 610 school districts will lose funding under the budget proposed this week by Gov. John Kasich, and 73 won’t get any more money than they got this fiscal year. <br/>
The highest percentage loss for any school district is 5.6%. The state has also reduced what it will pay for school transportation.

Analysis by Steve Dyer, shows the budget hammers poor and rural schools the most - those least able to absorb at hits.

Further analysis by Innovation Ohio shows the massive shift in tax burden during the governors two terms, from state funding to local funding - in effect making our school funding mechanisms even more unconstitutional!