Your vote today

Voting is a very personal thing. It reflects values held dear. Some people vote "their" party, some their "conscience", others their profession. Often times these things reflect parts of the same.

Today, is primary day in Ohio. We've covered a lot of the issues and candidates who will be vying for your vote.

Here at Join the Future we'd like you to consider supporting your local schools, their students and education staff. We have published a list of school levies and issues here. School's are facing a budget crisis caused not of their own largesse, but of draconian cuts made by politicians in Columbus who took a pass on making their own tough decisions, and instead passed the buck, to the tune of almost $3 billion over the next 2 years.

While many might look to the general election in November, there are also opportunities today to make a big difference in who those Columbus politicians will be next year.

We're experiencing the effects of bad budgeting and bad policy made in Columbus by out of touch, extreme politicians every day now. We can only change those policies by changing the people who represent us.

We can support candidates who chose to stand with the middle class, not against them. Who understand the importance of public education, not it's privatization.

We spent last week providing some details of candidates who have strong middle class values, who respect working people and who can replace office holders who voted for extreme legislation like SB5 and the budget.

Day 1: Union members running for the Ohio House
Day 2: Union members running for the Ohio House
Day 3: Union members running for the Ohio House
Day 4: Union members running for the Ohio House
Day 5: Union members running for the Ohio House
Union members spotlight - State Senate

So whether you live in HD21 where special education teacher Donna O'Connor is running, or HD70 where Republican cop Eric Spicer is running, understanding that the way to prevent legislation like SB5, or budgets like HB153 from happening again, is to support candidates who share our mainstream values, candidates who won't support legislation that is unfair, unsafe and hurts us all.

HD 7 Matt Patten LABORERS N D
HD 16 Todd Laveck OFT Y D
HD 20 Marco Miller IAFF (Ret.) Y D
HD 21 Donna O’Connor OEA Y D
HD 24 Maureen Reedy OEA N D
HD 37 Tom Schmida OFT N D
HD 45 Teresa Fedor OFT N D
HD 47 Jeff Bunck OEA N D
HD 57 Matt Lark OEA Y D
HD 58 Bobby Hagan BLET N D
HD 61 Susan McGuinness ONA N D
HD 68 Brad Schaff USW Y D
HD 69 Judith Cross OEA (Ret.) Y D
HD 70 Eric Spicer FOP N R
HD 71 Brady Jones UAW N D
HD 72 David Dilly UMWA N D
HD 76 Mary O’Toole OEA Y R
HD 81 John Vanover USW N D
HD 87 Dennis Sterling FOP Y R
HD 88 Bill Young OEA N D
HD 95 Charles Daniels OCSEA Y D
HD 95 Jim Drake OEA Y D
HD 99 John Patterson OEA N D
SD 6 Rick McKitty UAW (Ret.) N D
SD 20 Teresa Scarmack OEA N D
SD 24 Tom Patton IATSE Y R
SD 26 Tanyce Addison OEA N D