NEW POLL: SB5 Headed for defeat

A new PPP poll just released shows that voters are being turned off by the dishonest campaign being waged by pro SB5 supporters. The margin has grown from 50-39 in August and is nowlarger 56-36.

The new poll finds strong bipartisan support. 30% of all republicans oppose SB5. 38% of people who describe themsevles as somewhat conservative oppose SB5, along with 70% of people who call themsevles moderate. Only 28% of women support SB5.

Poll For SB5 Against SB5
PPP Mar 15th 31% 54%
Wenzel Apr 12th 38% 51%
Quinnipiac May 18th 36% 54%
PPP May 25th 35% 55%
Quinnipiac Jul 20th 32% 56%
PPP Aug 18th 39% 50%
Quinnipiac Sep 27th 38% 51%
PPP Oct 19th 36% 56%