Teachers union poll - teachers still popular

Marist just released a poll, primarily of New York City schools, however it contained this nudger of information we continue to see repeated in poll after poll - Teachers and their unions are popular, contrary to what some might have you believe.

A majority of residents -- 55% -- say that, when thinking about the public school system in New York City, the teachers union does more good than harm. 35% disagree and believe that it does more harm than good. Nine percent are unsure.

Younger New York City residents are more likely than older ones to think the union does more good than harm. 67% of Millennials and 56% of those in Gen X think this way compared with 51% of Baby Boomers and 43% of those in the Silent-Greatest generation.

The poll also had this, which I am sure many of us are feeling right now

Less R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Teachers
Almost two-thirds of New York City residents -- 65% -- say that today’s public school teachers receive less respect than when they were in school. One in five -- 20% -- think they garner the same amount of respect while 7% believe they get more. Eight percent are unsure.

Perhaps if our leaders starting offering more respect, others would follow.

The poll results can be found here (warning large PDF).