2012 Budget Talking Points

  • In a tough economy, with Ohio facing a major budget deficit, we must focus on the essentials. Nothing is more essential than giving our children a quality education that prepares them for good jobs.
  • We do not believe the people of Ohio elected leaders with a mandate to cut funding for public schools and colleges, but that is exactly what this budget proposes to do.
  • The Kasich budget leaves Ohio schools with $3.1 billion less in resources over two years and nearly $400 million in cuts to higher education.
  • The budget as proposed represents a shell game, not an increase in funding for public education. Only by looking at part of the school budget is there a small increase. Looking at all sources of funding – and the result of reduced revenues – this is an overall 11% cut for schools and a 10% cut for higher education, not restructuring or reform.
  • Taking away collective bargaining, sharing school services and other so-called restructurings and reforms cannot resolve Ohio’s budget crisis without deepening turmoil in already strapped public school districts.
  • This isn’t kicking the can of budget problems into the future. It is kicking the can of crisis out to every community and school district in Ohio, leading to divisive community crises.
  • We need to focus on the essentials, making sure Ohio students have the courses, textbooks, facilities and highly qualified teachers to help them prepare for the jobs and careers of the 21st century.