Donna O'Connor

This arrived in our mail box this morning and we wanted to share. Not many candidates can enthuse this many volunteers to go canvassing on the last, cold, Saturday of a campaign. Let alone a first time candidate for the Ohio House. But that's just what Special Ed teacher Donna O'Connor has been able to do every weekend.

Volunteers tell JTF that they have been recieving an incredibly positive response to Donna's message from everyone they speak too - and they have spoken to a lot of people. Well over 30,000 in fact!

When Criticism of Teachers Becomes Offensive

By Stuart Singer, The Teacher Leader

I do not want to get into the politics of the situation. If governors around the country feel compelled to battle unions, so be it. I do not want to get into the specifics of balancing budgets. I understand that states cannot print money so financial shortfalls mandate pain for everyone. I do not want to talk about how much money other people should be paid. That is an assessment employers should be making. But when I am bombarded on a regular basis by a narrative blaming teacher avarice for much of the monetary ills of 2011, I have to speak out.

When stalking ineffective teachers is not enough. [readon url="http://nasspblogs.org/principaldifference/2011/03/when_criticism_of_teachers_bec.html"]Read more...[/readon]