ECOT Under State Investigation

News came yesterday that ECOT, the failing but politically connected charter e-school, is under investigation. Here's the ABC 6 news report

ProgressOhio, that has done much of the investigating, had this to say in a press release

Political leaders close to charter school operator William Lager steered at least $2.7 million in public money to enhance IQ Innovations, a Lager-owned distance learning platform tapped by the Kasich Administration to provide online textbooks and other educational materials to Ohio schools.

While public records show that IQ Innovations consistently failed to deliver on the system’s promised functionality, it didn’t seem to matter. IQ had a powerful protector on the inside.

Former Lager consultant John Conley, appointed by the administration as Vice Chancellor of Educational Technology for the Board of Regents, was tasked with overseeing the project. Conley helped keep public money flowing to IQ Innovations and he helped to sideline whistleblowers who tried to hold IQ accountable, according to a new report by ProgressOhio.

We don't have much confidence that the IG, appointed by the Governor, will perform more than a perfunctory job, but once again it demonstrates just how out of control ECOT is in siphoning away precious tax payer dollars from students and into the back pockets of William Lager and the politicians that serve him.