E-School Politicians at Center of ECOT scandal look for Political Cover

A report in Gongwer details a newly introduced bill to address e-schools in light of the education catastrophe it has created for its students and school districts who have been deprived of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Here's what Gongwer reports on HB707

Rep. Reineke said the legislation also would lead to increased transparency regarding e-school funding "because Ohioans have the right to know how these tax dollars are being spent."

Rep. Faber said the bill achieves the goal by adding financial disclosure requirements regarding money spent on advertising, books, communications, promotions and travel, among other categories.

He said the measure also would create a bipartisan committee to study the possibility of implementing a funding model for e-schools tied to student learning, rather than enrollment. The committee would be required to finalize its report by Nov. 1.

This bill isn't designed to fix the e-school scam, it's designed to give political cover to the politicians like Kieth Faber and David Yost that engineered it either through policy or inaction.

A toothless bill, with a reporting date a week before the general election is such an obvious political ploy it deserves its own transparency requirement.

Chartered e-schools don't need fixing. They need to be closed down entirely.