Education Officials Warn Of ‘Consequences’ If Parents Opt Out Of Standardized Testing

A number of central Ohio parents are considering opting their kids out of next week's new standardized testing for Ohio. The Ohio Department of Education says parents have every right to do so but warn there could be possible consequences.

There are some parents who CHOOSE to opt out their children from taking standardized tests, but one mom says she felt those tests were driving the education and felt home schooling was a better option.

Dorian Barnovsky's dining table serves as the classroom during the day for her two girls. The Worthington mom says she and her husband made the decision last year to home-school them after a year of state testing, she calls, developmentally inappropriate.

"It's not just the test, and the test taking, that is taking up a lot of hours of instruction time,” Barnovsky explains. “It is also the fact that now the instruction seems 100% geared toward the test."

Across town, Hilliard mom, Kristi Klise has similar concerns. "Each year when they take these tests they spend a lot of time in the classroom going over practice tests, reviewing practice tests and that is a lot of instructional time that is lost practicing for a test."

The parents aren't alone. A teacher in the Centerville School District wrote a letter to the Department of Education saying she encourages parents’ right to refuse to have their children take standardized tests.

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