10 Investigates: Convicted Felons On School Boards

Now - state Auditor Dave Yost reached out to 10 Investigates to say he's found criminals working as school board members.

School Boards manage the finances and operations of the places parents send their children to every weekday. It is a position of trust. But at charter schools, those board members may also have one thing public school boards members don't have: a felony conviction.

Michael Davie was a board member of Cleveland's Lion of Judah Academy. State Auditor Dave Yost found out about Davie's past breaking into apartments, "There was one old lady that didn't have anything to give him and said, ‘I don't have anything to give you.’ He poured boiling hot water into her lap."

Davie spent 13 years in prison for attempted murder. Lion of Judah Academy shut down after its leader was found guilty of misspending public money.

The former Notten STEM School on Brentnell Avenue had Jerry Pierce on its school board. Auditor Yost flagged Pierce for his 1989 felony forgery conviction. Pierce is now the bishop for the Miracle Cathedral on 5th Avenue.

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