2014 Election Brings Step Forward for Public Education

Hopefully not lost in the Governor's reelection is just how unconvinced voters remain about some of his policies, especially when it comes to public education. In 2010 the Governor received 1,889,186 votes, a total he barely topped this election with 1,922,241. Rather than an election win on the basis of convincing voters of his policies, his victory last night was more a product of voter apathy towards the alternative.

Further evidence of voters distrust of the governor's education policies can be seen in the results for the State Board of Education. Seven of the boards seats were on the ballot, and pro-public education candidates won 5 of them.

This graphic was heavily trafficked on social media during the campaign

Winning 5 of 7 races in an election where the top of the ticket was barely contested should be as loud of a message that can be sent. In one of the lost races, District 2, Kim Redfern appears to have been the victim of voter backlash against her Husband, Chris Redfern the Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party. District 7 continues to puzzle. Voters returned home schooler Sarah Fowler to the board, a truly bizarre choice.

With 5 new pro-public education board members and a new Board President to replace the disgraceful Debe Terhar there's more hope that educators will have a voice in education policy over the next few years.