Straight A Fund - Application Process

The Straight A Fund is on a pretty fast track. Individuals, districts and groups that are thinking about applying for the $100 million dollars available this year, should begin that process immediately.

Straight A Fund Timeline

9/18/13 - Informational Webinar
9/19/13 - Fiscal Sustainability Webinar
10/04/13 - Deadline for Intent to Apply
10/04/13 - Scorer Applications Due
10/14/13 - Grants Management System (CCIP) Open for Application Entry
10/25/13 - Application Deadline
10/29/13 - Fiscal Sustainability Review
11/05/13 - Scoring Analysis
11/06/13 - Grant Advisors Review of Scoring Results
11/12/13 - Governing Board Meeting - Fiscal Sustainability Results/Approval
11/13/13 - Programmatic Scoring
11/20/13 - Scoring Analysis
11/25/13 - Grant Advisors Review Scoring Results
12/03/13 - Governing Board Meeting - Programmatic Results/Approval
12/16/13 - Controlling Board Meeting
12/17/13 - Send Grant Award Letters

The application materials can be found here.

We remain skeptical that any lasting impact can come from one-time money, and would much rather see the legislature develop an adequate funding model for all schools, and not dog-eat-dog competitions. Districts and their personnel are already strained dealing with many new mandates from the state and the federal government, having to redirect even more resources towards dreaming up grant programs that fit the Straight A Funds very narrow scope is not going to be very beneficial towards the key mission - educating students.