Ohio falling behind in school funding

More and more people are starting to notice the troubling defunding of Ohio's public education system. Via Ohio.com

Two Washington, D.C., public policy groups say Ohio’s reductions in aid to public schools and the inequality among school districts have hampered efforts to boost graduation rates and cut in half the achievement gaps among low-income and minority students despite $204 million in additional federal funding.
Ohio lawmakers actually have allocated $165.6 million less in state aid this year than was set aside in 2008, according to a Beacon Journal analysis. Additional funding in the next two-year budget finally will surpass inflation-adjusted 2008 levels after six years of reduced aid.

Regardless, many schools have operated on less over the past five years.

Less funding equates to larger class sizes, less after-school and summer programming, and a stalled effort to implement national testing and teacher evaluations, Leachman said.

Efforts like the Straight A Fund are gimmicks designed to hide the true budget cuts schools are having to deal with.