No one trusts Gov Kasich with ed policy

"A new poll shows the majority of Ohioans strongly support their local schools, want funding cuts restored to local schools and governments, and oppose public funding for private and parochial school tuition." ~ that's how a new poll just published describes its findings with regards to education in Ohio.

The poll was commisnios by the Ohio schoo administrators, OSBA, OASBO and BASA.

The poll found that no one trusts the Govenor nor his legislture on education issues.

When it comes to education policies, which of the following would you say that you have the most trust and confidence in to make good decisions? Is it the ...(randomly rotated).....

Governor, State School Superintendent, State Legislature or your local School Board?

63.9% Local School Board
14.5% State School Superintendent
7.4% Unsure/no answer
6.6% Governor
3.3% State Legislature
2.9% Other (volunteered)
1.3% All/combination (volunteered)

Just as bad perhpas is how the Governor and his education privatization policies are being viewed

The poll found nearly two-thirds of Ohioans oppose using public funds to pay tuition for students to attend private and parochial schools.

And finally, despite a constant drumbeat regarding school report cards, people have very mixed views

Fifty percent of Ohioans said it is a good idea to use student test data to rate the quality of school districts, and 41% said it was a bad idea.

Forty-eight percent of Ohioans said their district’s local report card rating was “somewhat” influential

Corporate education reformers are severely out-running where public opinion is at.