Frank Jackson's plan circa 1970

It's backwards

Cleveland Metropolitan Schools CEO Eric Gordon has been given the job of trying to sell everyone on Mayor Frank Jackson's plan for revitalizing Northeast Ohio's largest school system.

Gordon tells WTAM 1100 that the administration and teachers union both need to work together on what the mayor proposes, saying, "We have to be careful to modernize the work rules in a way that's respectful to adults."

The work rules, via collective bargaining, are modern and respect adults. Collective bargaining was brought to the education profession in Ohio in 1983. Before that it was the wild west of management whims. Collective bargaining modernized that system. Why Frank Jackson thinks going back to the old failed ways of doing things is the solution to Cleveland Schools is a mystery.

Mutual trust and respect involves collaborating with educators before you release your plan to send labor relations back to the 1970's.