Why educators oppose SB5 and vote no on issue 2

Here are some of the reasons educators and educational support professionals are opposed to SB5 and will be voting no on Issue 2

Issue 2 is Unfair

"Teachers care deeply about our kids. When I discovered that special education students in my school district didn't have the books and resources they needed, I turned to my colleagues. The union contract helped my students get the tools they needed. That's why I'm voting NO on Issue 2. I know that without collective bargaining, my special needs students would fall through the cracks—and that's just not fair for them, or anyone else."

—Marjorie Punter, special education teacher, Dayton, Ohio

Issue 2 is Unsafe

"I take my job very seriously. After all, parents trust me to make sure their child is safe. It's a huge responsibility, and I'm afraid Issue 2 will put our kids' safety in jeopardy. For me, that's just too much to risk, which is why I am voting NO on Issue 2."

—Ian Ruck, bus driver, Pataskala, Ohio

Issue 2 Hurts Us All

“As a teacher and a mother, I worry about our children. Politicians may think they are fixing our schools, but they haven't spent any time in the classroom, and their one-size-fits-all reforms are risking our children’s future. Our kids are not widgets, and shortchanging them is not only irresponsible and shortsighted, but it hurts us all. That's why I'm voting NO on Issue 2.”

—Kyley Richardson, high school Spanish teacher, Continental, Ohio