SB5 Polling Trends Favor Repeal

We have now had a series of polls, from different polling firms that all confirm Ohioans overwhemingly support the repeal of SB5 by double digit margins.

Poll For SB5 Against SB5
PPP Mar 15th 31% 54%
Wenzel Apr 12th 38% 51%
Quinnipiac May 18th 36% 54%
PPP May 25th 35% 55%

SB5 Polling Trend

With legislators of SB5 starting to leave the Ohio Senate, rather than face voters, it looks likely that the face of the pro-SB5 effort will have to be the Governor himself. But as the latest PPP poll shows his popularity is now at all time lows, he's going to find it very hard getting voters to listen to him

Kasich has slipped a bit to 33-56, tying him with Florida’s Rick Scott for the most reviled governor in the country. Unlike Scott Walker, Kasich’s agenda has not at all rallied his base. He has plummeted with Republicans, from an already somewhat weak 71-18 approval margin two months ago to an abysmal 58-28 now

None of this means the effort should let up. Things could change quickly if supporters of repeal become complacent.