The Week in Review

This week in review is dominated by the We Are OHIO campaign kick-off. The Dispatch today

With chants of "We are Ohio," an estimated 11,000 union supporters rallied at the Statehouse yesterday to launch the effort to overturn the law that would weaken public workers' bargaining power.

The crowd was the largest since the debate over Senate Bill 5 began in February. Many also signed up to help collect the 231,000 signatures needed to get a referendum on the November ballot.
Coumbus firefighter John Capretta told the crowd that the issue isn't Democratic or Republican. "This matter is between the rich and the working-class people."

"We are the only ones standing in the rich's way to take over this country and run it like a dictatorship," he said.

Then his young daughter took the microphone: "Governor Kasich, quit messing with my daddy."

In other news we covered the devastating cuts to public education that are planned.

Be sure to also check out the pictures from the We Are Ohio rally