What passing the buck looks like

We were alerted to a meeting last night in Solon, whereby the superintendent addressed over 1,100 concerned parents regarding the Governors Budget. The Plain Dealer had an article about it this morning

Regano delivered the bad news to more than 1,100 parents, community members and teachers at a community meeting at Solon High School that was part pep rally and part financial lesson.

"The governor's proposal picked certain districts to suffer, and we are one of those," Regano said. "We knew the state had some issues and there were problems, but this is one of the most serious issues I've ever seen . . . and I can't believe we got only a three-month notice."

The district posted up the powerpoint they gave parents. The effects of the Kasich budget proposal were captured in a series of 3 slides, that speak for themselves.

This is what passing the buck on the budget looks like for public education.