SOS Husted directive to Franklin County BoE RE: SB5 petition

Secretary of State John Husted sent the following directive to the Franklin County Board of Elections regarding the SB 5 repeal petitions that were just filed.

April 6, 2011

To: Franklin County Board of Elections Re: Initial Petitions Filed re: Prospective Referendum Petition Against Am. Sub. S.B. NO.5 (collective bargaining law affecting public employees) ofthe 1291h General Assembly

This Directive provides instructions to the Franklin County Board of Elections on the examination, scanning, and certification of signatures on two separate petitions that have been submitted to the Secretary of State to begin the referendum process against Am. Sub. S.B. NO.5. The Board must complete its examination and certification consistent with the instructions outlined below and return its certification and the part-petitions to the Secretary of State's office not later than next Monday, Ap.-illl, 2011.

Read the rest at the link. Just a few more days to certify the 3,000 signatures!