Top 3 Today

Your top 3 news stories for today

    We discuss the impacts reckless budget cuts are having on school districts around the state
  2. Kasich appoints anti-union lobbyist to State Board of Ed
    Plunderbund highlights the news of anti-union lobbyist Bryan Williams being appointed to the State board of Education, at the same time his organization holds a massive fundraiser for SB5 supporters, a fundraiser that also includes a lecture by an anti-union extremist.
  3. Governor Wants Parts Of Disputed Union Bill Placed In State Budget
    Debate over a new state law that restricts public employee unions took a new twist Tuesday when Gov. John Kasich said he wanted to insert parts of it related to teachers into the pending state budget. Inclusion of the language in the budget could prevent a referendum such as the one opponents of the collective bargaining statute want to conduct at the Nov. 8 election.

    Mr. Kasich told reporters Tuesday that he wanted to incorporate into the budget "the criteria to reward teachers for good effort," apparently referring to a section of the public employee collective bargaining law dealing with performance-based pay for educators.

    "That wording that's in five, there'll be some part of it put into the budget. I'm not exactly sure ... how all that language will play, but I'm very concerned about getting that going, so that schools have an opportunity to develop criteria for assessing good performance," the governor said.

    More on this development tomorrow.