Words vs Deeds #Updated

In an excellent example of "Say one thing, do another", on March 4th Governor Kasich told Gongwer

Gov. John Kasich said Friday that he was pleased with substance and pace of legislative action on a controversial proposal to the roll back collective bargaining rights of public employees.
Gov. Kasich said he didn't anticipate holding a ceremonial bill signing event for the contentious proposal.

"This is hard for people and anything that's hard - I want to be respectful of other people's feelings their thoughts and their emotions," he said.

"My only word to union families are: what we are doing in this state is designed to make sure that your kids have a future in this state, that your kids can stay in this state, that they can have jobs in this state and your family can be prosperous," he said. "This is not an attack on you, this is not a political operation. I could care less about the politics. This is what is part of an overall plan to help fix our state."

This afternoon we learn from the Dispatch and our Email inbox's

Gov. John Kasich will sign Senate Bill 5 this evening, placing into law legislation that limits collective bargaining for about 360,000 public employees.

The bill was delivered today to the governor's office for his signature after being processed by Ohio Senate Clerk Stacy Lilly. The signing will take place at 7 p.m. in the Statehouse State Room.
The governor announced he would sign the bill today through a campaign fundraising email sent out this morning.

In Kasich's email, he said passage of the bill by the Ohio House and Senate was "a victory for Ohio taxpayers." The email also asks for donations of "$20, $10, or even $5" to "help us continue to return the balance of power."

"There is a reason that the union bosses opposed these changes; because it strips power from the union leaders and returns it to the taxpayers and workers," Kasich's campaign email said.

Does a campaign fundraising email sound respectful and apolitical? If it doesn't, you'd be right.


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