K-12 Budget Info


  • Repeals Evidence-Based Model for school funding.
  • Decrease overall education funding by $1.3 billion (11.5%) in FY 12 ($10.2 billion).
  • Decrease overall education funding by another $500 million (4.9%) in FY13 ($9.7 billion).
  • Decrease overall education funding by $3.1 billion over F Y12-13 from F Y 11 amounts ($1.3 billion cut in F Y 12 and $1.8 billion cut in F Y 13).
  • Increase Foundation funding by 2% for FY 12 and 1.5% for FY 13.
  • Eliminate state fiscal stabilization funds (federal stimulus for state foundation) of $457 million in FY 12.
  • Reduce federal stimulus for IDEA Part B and Title IA totaling $400 million in FY11 by 90% for FY 12 with the remainder eliminated in FY13.
  • Decrease overall Special Education funding by 14.5% in FY 12 and another 2.1% in FY 13. million (34.2%) in FY 13.
  • Precise data for charter school funding not yet available because charter school funds flow through local districts.
  • Maintain overall funding for Joint Vocational School Districts in FY 12 and FY 13.
  • Decrease overall funding for early childhood education by 4.7% in FY 12 and another .5% in FY 13. and local governments by July 1, 2012. Administrative Services that local governments and school districts can join if they choose.
  • Reduce Educator Standards Board funding from FY 11 by 40.8% to $786,737 in both FY 12 and FY 13.
  • Require employer and employee to each pay 12% of pension contributions (50/50 split). Currently, the employer pays 14% and the employee pays 10%.


  • Provide additional teacher payments for students who exceed achievement growth.
  • Use "teacher quality" to drive employment decisions instead of seniority.
  • Test teachers in failing schools.
  • Streamline dismissal process for poor-performing schools.
  • Give parents the right to "reconstitute" schools.
  • Close poorest performing schools.
  • Increase the number of EdChoice vouchers available (from 14,000 to 28,000).
  • Remove cap on charter schools and enhance access to facilities.
  • Expand on-line education.
  • Make Ohio the PReferred destination" for Teach for America students