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No one can deny that education is the engine that drives our country forward, and that teachers and education support professionals are the people who steer our children in the right direction.

Each and every day our children grow a little bit more through the knowledge they gain in the classroom, and the examples they see set by their teachers.

Supporting public education and the professionals who work in our schools is crucial to our long term future and the future of our children.

Join the Future seeks to provide you, as supporters of public education and its professionals, the information, tools and news needed to preserve this vital public service as it comes under ever greater pressure from reactionary forces seeking to tear down decades of progress.

From the menu on the left you can navigate to information and resources regarding issues and actions that are vital to this goal. Thanks for Joining the Future and helping us fight to preserve a world class education for our children. We appreciate the support you give the world-class professionals who work hard every day to help our students succeed.