News for March 15th, 2011

Today is the day we finally get some details on the budget for the next 2 years, but in advance of that, schools are still struggling as the Chillicothe Gazette reports

CHILLICOTHE — More than 50 Chillicothe City School employees listened closely Monday as district administrators unveiled a $1.5 million budget reduction plan that would cut more than 20 staff positions, a majority of field trips and two freshman sports programs.
The board is trying to get ahead of a $3.9 million deficit that’s anticipated for fiscal year 2013. The shortfall is based in part on a projected 11 percent cut in state funding. That figure could change, for better or worse, when Gov. John Kasich releases his state budget today.

The budget announcement itself will apparently be televised

Unlike previous governors who held press conferences about their plans, Kasich is spending about $5,000 to rent the 900- seat room for an “Ohio Town-Hall Meeting” tonight and broadcasting on satellite television and the Web, Kasich’s office said.

Bizarely, the Governor had indicated that the media would not be allowed to effectively report his budget announcement, but after much hue and cry, he appears to have relented according to Plunderbund

The Administration is backpeddling after an afternoon of press reports about the unprecedented restrictions they were trying to place on the media at tomorrow’s budget unveiling at 1 p.m.

Rob Nichols has told the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association that video and photo cameras will now be permitted. Audio recordings also permitted.

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