Education News for 01-29-2013

State Education News

  • Ohio business leaders urge education reform (Canton Repository)
  • A group of major Ohio business leaders is urging Gov. John Kasich to push hard on educational changes…Read more...

  • Bucknell inflated its SAT scores (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Bucknell University has disclosed that for several years it reported inflated SAT scores for incoming freshmen, making the private liberal-arts school in Pennsylvania…Read more...

  • Ohio Governor John Kasich sets online 'town hall' on education (WEWS)
  • Ohio's governor is planning an online "town hall" session…Read more...

Local Education News

  • County Commissioners OK part-time deputies for schools (Chillicothe Gazette)
  • Within two weeks, a pair of Ross County sheriff’s deputies will begin making their rounds of the county’s schools…Read more...

  • Defeating the math monster (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  • The move to high school isn’t just for ninth-graders anymore. Next year, in an effort to bolster academics – especially math – Cincinnati Public Schools will expand all of its high schools to house grades 7-12 instead of the 9-12 model…Read more...

  • Girl’s suicide spurs second-guessing (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Hailey Petee hated her glasses, the ones with lenses so thick that they distorted the look of her pretty blue-gray eyes…Read more...

  • Centerville to make $2.6M in cuts (Dayton Daily News)
  • Centerville City Schools, which saw its November levy fail by less than a percentage point, approved on Monday night $2.6 million in cuts from its budget next school year…Read more...

  • Delaware County Schools Considering Changes To Safety Policies (WBNS)
  • The Delaware City Schools Board of Education plans to join with city council Monday night to host an annual meeting. One of the topics will be school safety…Read more...

  • Jurors in T.J. Lane Chardon shooting case to be sequestered (Willoughby News Herald)
  • Jurors selected in the Thomas Lane III aggravated murder trial will be sequestered during deliberations, Geauga County Common Pleas Judge David L. Fuhry ruled in an opinion made public Monday…Read more...

  • Group calls board member’s comments racist (Youngstown Vindicator)
  • A community group is taking offense at what it calls “racist” comments made by a veteran city school board member and threatens sanctions if the school board doesn’t take corrective action…Read more...


  • Put the money on early education (Akron Beacon Journal)
  • I was watching a gymnastics competition on television, admiring the strength of those tight and incredibly lithe bodies when something caught my ear from the chatter of the commentators…Read more...

  • Unfunded guarantee (Akron Beacon Journal)
  • On Thursday, John Kasich plans to unveil his proposal for revamping the way the state pays for public schools. He will be the fourth governor to take a stab at the problem since the Ohio Supreme Court found the funding formula…Read more...

  • Ohio school board member's Facebook fiasco warrants an apology (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • Gov. John Kasich ought not to fire Debe Terhar, president of the State Board of Education, despite her offensive Facebook posting quoting…Read more...

  • A lesson on life (Toledo Blade)
  • Usually, teachers teach and students learn in a classroom. But kids can also teach adults a thing or two. Take Perrysburg Junior High School seventh-grader Michael Skotynsky…Read more...

  • Liberty plan has already been charted (Warren Tribune Chronicle)
  • A local state audit that showed a $12,720 overpayment to former Liberty schools treasurer Tracey Obermiyer is peanuts…Read more...

Education News for 01-24-2013

State Education News

  • Ohio's teacher training policies receive C- grade from national group (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • Ohio is not picky enough about whom is admitted to teacher training nor does the state require graduates of those programs to pass sufficiently…Read more...

  • Google VP has Ohio’s students on his mind (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Meet Sebastian Thrun, a man who represents a unique component of the “ German” investment Gov. John Kasich is seeking for Ohio this week at the World Economic Forum…Read more...

  • Ideas offered to boost college graduation rates (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Some of the country’s most-influential college presidents are calling on their colleagues to take bolder steps to graduate more students — and stem the flow of dropouts…Read more...

  • Kasich rejects calls for Terhar’s ouster (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Gov. John Kasich says that since state Board of Education President Debe Terhar has admitted her Facebook post about Adolf Hitler and gun control…Read more...

  • School finances remain a concern (Findlay Courier)
  • While excited about the future of curriculum and technology, Fostoria school administrators said this week they are leery of what will happen to school funding as the state tries to balance its budget…Read more...

Local Education News

  • Music education program at Rainey Institute inspires youths from Cleveland schools (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • Some call it the most beautiful concert hall in America. And that's where I went Monday -- to Severance Hall -- for a progress report…Read more...

  • Audit citations lead to fiscal changes (Middletown Journal)
  • Missing money and the use of federal stimulus dollars to purchase items that weren’t allowable are among several citations issued in a state audit of Middletown City Schools…Read more...


  • Terhar does history (Akron Beacon Journal)
  • Debe Terhar, the president of the State Board of Education, has called into question her judgment as a public official…Read more...

  • Seeing sense (Columbus Dispatch)
  • The Columbus Board of Education’s decision Tuesday night to cooperate with a mayoral committee’s review of school-district management…Read more...

Nationally televised "Teacher Town Hall"

There will be a nationally televised "Teacher Town Hall" broadcast live on MSNBC from noon until 2:00 p.m., September 25, 2011.

Brian Williams (NBC News) will moderate the discussion with help from colleagues who will take questions from the audience in Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, and moderate and report an online conversation with teachers across the country

The program is billed as “for and about teachers” with a focus on the challenges and opportunities facing America's teachers, as well as examples of exemplary teaching from schools across the country.

Teachers may join the conversation online and in a live chat during the Teacher Town Hall, by logging in at: www.educationnation.com

Could collective bargaining prevent cheating?

Yesterday we brough news of the massive cheating scandal unfolding in Atlanta. The full report to the Governor is now out and it's an absolute doozy.

Teachers, in many cases, were bullied and subjected to intimidation and fear in order alter tests to boost school performances. Indeed the report's findings even has a section titled "Culture of fear". The report cites

Many principals humiliated teachers in front of their peers for failing to meet goals. For example, at Fain Elementary School, the principal forced a teacher to crawl under a table in a faculty meeting because that teacher’s students’ test scores were low.

Pressure from the district's administration was intense

Virtually every teacher who confessed to cheating spoke of the inordinate stress the district placed on meeting targets and the dire consequences for failure. Dr. Hall articulated it as: "No exceptions. No excuses." If principals did not meet targets within three years, she declared, they will be replaced and "I will find someone who will meet targets." Dr. Hall replaced 90% of the principals during her tenure.

You can read the report here:
Report Vol. 1
Report Vol. 2
Report Vol. 3

The report also finds that Atlanta Could Have Averted Its Cheating Scandal If It Had Listened To Its Local Teachers Union. But in Georgia there is no power of collective bargaining so teachers were helpless and unable to apply pressure on the administrators to stop the abuse and cheating. When they tried, they were subjected to retribution and retaliation. Instead of this problem being dealt with early and decisively, the high stakes environment with no employee protections led to widespread cheating, and now serious repercussions for the Atlanta Public Schools system and the children who have been hurt by it.

Dublin SB5 Referendum Petition Signing

Invite you to sign the
SB5 Referendum Petition
WEDNESDAY MAY 11 5:30-6:45 p.m
on Coffman Park Drive
(the corner of Coffman Rd and Emerald Pkwy)

Please also consider attending the
Dublin Schools Town Hall Meeting at
Coffman High School
regarding the State Budget
at 7:00 p.m.