News for March 11th, 2011

As we woke to a light snow covering today, we also learn via the NBC4i that more snow days are coming, no not that kind, this kind

The Ohio House has voted 92-5 to give schools two more "snow days," beyond the three they're currently allowed.

A relentless winter has meant many schools long ago exhausted their current annual allotment of three calamity days, meaning they must make up any further time lost due to weather.

We also learned that in order to close a large budget gap, 32 teachers will be cut by Gahanna-Jefferson schools

Thursday night, the Gahanna-Jefferson Schools Board of Education approved more than $7 million in cuts. These cuts impact dozens of teachers and thousands of students.

The cuts come after failed levy campaigns last May and November.

You can read the full list of cuts here.

School Tranportation News reminds everyone that SB5 affects more than just teachers, police and fire, but other education support staff, including many bus drivers

Senate Bill 5 as currently written would repeal collective bargaining for state and public employees. According to Pete Japikse, director of pupil transportation at the Ohio Department of Education, only about 5 percent of the state’s school buses are owned by contractors. But things get more complicated when trying to determine the breakdown between school bus drivers employed by private companies and those who work for local school districts.

“Just like teachers, there is a fairly significant percentage of school bus drivers represented by organized labor,” Japikse said. “In fact, teachers and drivers belong to some of the same unions. Whatever the impact is on teachers will probably be some of the same impact on drivers.”

In other SB 5 related news, the Dispatch is reporting that the House Speaker does not know when a vote might occur, but hearings are planned for all next weeks

Speaker William G. Batchelder said he is done predicting when the collective-bargaining bill will come up for a full vote in the House.

The Medina Republican told reporters yesterday that Senate Bill 5 will not come up for a floor vote next week. This came a day after he told reporters that he hoped to have a House vote next week on the controversial measure.
The House Commerce and Labor Committee will continue hearings next week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, Gov. John Kasich will introduce his two-year operating budget.

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