Who Goes TEN Years NOT Giving Pay Rises to Professionals Helping the Developmentally Disabled? The Portage County Board of DD is Who.

The 19 Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) have been on strike for a month.  Before we get to that, what's an SSA? From the Portage county DD website

The Service and Support Administration Department serves as the gateway to services through the Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Persons seeking services are guided through the intake and eligibility process by a Service and Support Administrator (SSA). Eligible individuals are assigned an SSA to assess individual needs, to develop an Individual Service Plan, to address identified needs, to arrange for services and supports; and to monitor the provision of those services. SSAs help consumers and families to navigate the DD system by providing information on resources available through other agencies, such as Social Security, Medicaid, and other local resources. All SSAs are required to complete training and ongoing professional growth and are certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.
— http://www.pcbmrdd.org/?q=node/94

Why are such important people in the Portage county community on strike?

  • They've been operating without a contract for over 14 months. Their board has refused to negotiate.
  • Workloads have dramatically increased - they are currently serving over 700 individuals and families.
  • Despite a $20 million surplus and this increased workload, these workers have not received a cost of living raise in TEN years!
Think of the 703 people without case management

Think of the 703 people without case management

The board is unlike a typical school board, in that it is not elected. Instead it is appointed by the County Commissioners and a Probate Judge. We would encourage concerned citizens to contact board members and politely ask them to return to the negotiating table, and work out a fair and respectful contract. They are being ridiculous, and it's hurting their community.

Board Members:
Ralph Kletzien 330-673-3415
Michelle Sahr 330-688-5502
John Gargan, Jr. 330-673-1939
Cheri Michael 330-325-9385
Timothy Moran 330-678-6483
Kelly Butler 234-380-1873
Carol J. Fruscella 330-626-4043

Probate Judge Bob Berger: 330-297-3870

Portage County Commissioners:
Vicki Kline (president) 330-297-3606
Sabrina Christian-Bennett (vice-president) 330-297-3605
Maureen Frederick (member) 330-297-3604

If you live in, or near Portage county, there is a vigil at “the rock” at Kent State on Monday November 6th at 5pm. We're certain these dedicated people would love the support.