Kasich looks funny on a horse

NBC4 had an excellent segment on Governor Kasich signing the bill that will bring Teach for America to Ohio.

It was this quote that causes us to pause.

"The cavalry is coming. They're going to ride on white horses with white hats in to our schools,"

This displays a level of contempt for teachers and public education that is hard to fathom. Maybe it's just a rhetorical flourish from a Governor known to misspeak often, but it does conjure up imagery that seems out of place.

If TFA are wearing "white hats", riding on "white horses", then who exactly are we supposed to assume are dressed in black? What exactly are the cavalry riding to the rescue of? The war on public education isn't going on in the classrooms, it's going on in the halls of the statehouse where legislators are busy slashing the budgets of public education.

The Governor seems to have called in the wrong cavalry and sent them to the wrong place.

Reference for the title here.