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Your top 3 news stories today

  1. Big City Mayors don't like S.B.5
    But while many mayors at the start supported the governor's drive to revise binding arbitration rules, they now say Kasich went too far and that the wholesale changes in the collective bargaining law are unacceptable. All but one of the mayors of the state's five largest cities are now publicly blasting SB5 as an attack on middle class families.
  2. Bigger deficits for states without collective bargaining
    There is no evidence to suggest that collective bargaining is the cause of overall budget challenges," former Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper told an Ohio House committee in March. "Many states without collective bargaining, such as Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina, have far larger budget deficits than many that do, including Ohio.
    How long would Governors Kasich, Walker and Christie survive in the classroom?