Resistance To Corporate Education Reform Drives the Opt-Out Movement

Columbia University Teachers College have performed a survey of the Opt-Out movement. The first of its kind. The goal was to determine what was driving the sentiments and actions of those engaging in what has been a growing movement.

The survey notes that the results:

"reveals that supporters oppose the use of test scores to evaluate teachers and believe that high-stakes tests force teachers to “teach to the test” rather than employ strategies that promote deeper learning. The new survey also reports concern among supporters about the growing role of corporations and privatization of schools."

Those conducting the survey also went on to say that the Opt-Out movement encompasses a broad range of issues, issues those who follow JTF will be familiar with

“For activists, the concerns are about more than the tests,” said Oren Pizmony-Levy, TC Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Education, who co-authored the study with Nancy Green Saraisky, Research Associate and TC alumna. “We were surprised that the survey reveals a broader concern about corporate education reform relying on standardized test-based accountability, and the increased role of ‘edu-businesses’ and corporations in schools.”

Results within the survey appear to confirm these conclusions

Here's the full survey report