ODE Understated Number of Failing Charter Schools by 950%

When ODE Applied for a Federal grant to expand even further the number of charter schools it Ohio, it lied on its application form. they were quickly caught, because no one was going to believe only 6 charter schools in the entire state were failing. Embarrassed and forced to correct their lies, the new wishful thinking number they have come up with is 57 - a 950% increase in failing charter schools in the state.

They have also cut the number of schools they claimed were successful by 50% - down to just a paltry 59.

According to ODE's own performance data, the latest of which that is available is for 2013-14, even these numbers seem suspect.

Performance Rating of Ohio's Charter schools 2013-14.

Performance Rating of Ohio's Charter schools 2013-14.

More than half of all Charters in Ohio are rated D or below, and those rated A? Barely perceptible on the chart.