Charter School Operators Admit They Didn't Know What They Were Doing

In a report about the closing of another Ohio charter school, the full depth of the problem this sector suffers from is blindingly obvious

Posey, who started the FCI Academy Charter School a decade ago said he doesn't want to throw in the towel. FCI 's sponsor is the Toledo-based Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West, which suspended the school's charter late last month. "They didn't say they were going to shut us down, they said they were gonna put us on probation," said Posey. "We started this from scratch, we had no particular knowledge of running a school, that's why we had a sponsor."

First, why is a Columbus school sponsored by a Toledo authorizer? How can the Toledo ESC reasonably monitor a school from half a state away?

Second, and most shocking, how on earth does a sponsor think it is wise to authorize people to open a school when they literally have no experience, or know what they are doing?

Parents are entrusting their children to dozens of schools that are operating like this. These failing charter schools are not the only problem, the authorizers who are allowing them to open and operate may be even more negligent.