North Side charter school board quits amid concerns

Following the mass exodus of the board of a North Side charter school, the sponsor of Imagine Columbus Primary Academy says it might close the school.

The North Central Ohio Educational Service Center said Tuesday it is considering “remedial action” against the school’s Virginia-based management company, Imagine Schools Inc., because the school board failed “to hold a meeting since January.”

In a letter sent Tuesday to Imagine, Educational Service Center Superintendent James Lahoski gave operators five days to respond to concerns, warning that the school could be put on probation, have operations suspended or its contract terminated.

Charter schools are privately operated with public tax dollars. Under Ohio law, the schools must have a board that meets at least six times a year.

The action comes less than 24 hours after Imagine appointed five new board members to the Columbus Primary school board on Monday night. They replaced six members who resigned in recent weeks amid ongoing concerns about a high-cost building lease, teacher turnover and adequate services for students.

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