Revere school board requests changes in Ohio laws on charter schools

For the five members of the Revere Board of Education, enough is enough when it comes to charter school regulations in the state of Ohio.

The board last week unanimously passed a resolution asking Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio General Assembly to “enact meaningful laws to ensure greater accountability and transparency among Ohio charter schools.” Essentially, the board was requesting laws that would fundamentally level the educational playing field and hold charter schools to the same standards as those required of traditional public schools.

“As a board, we are enacting a resolution to change state law regarding charter schools,” board member Diana Sabitsch said before reading the lengthy document into the meeting record.

In addition to changing state law, the resolution requests actions to stop the proliferation of poor-performing charter schools and to establish a separate funding stream for those schools that “does not drain valuable resources from Ohio’s public education system.”

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