Heights considers charter school legislation

The Licking Heights Board of Education is considering legislation school officials hope will spur state legislators to hold charter schools more accountable.

The legislation appeared on the agenda for the board’s March 24 special meeting, but the board did not take action on it. Instead, members asked the district’s administration to tweak it prior to the upcoming April 21 regular meeting.

Heights Treasurer Nick Roberts said the legislation is driven by the fact “there’s limited accountability and transparency to (charter) schools now.”

Roberts provided the board with a chart showing the perceived difference between state public school funding and state charter school funding.

Heights currently receives $1,694 in base state aid per pupil, according to the chart. It receives $2,556 in overall state funding per pupil.

By contrast, the state average for charter school base state aid is $5,800 per pupil. The overall state funding average is $7,607 per pupil, according to the chart.

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