Thorough and Efficient Clause Saved From Chopping Block

A sub committee of the Ohio Modernization commission voted unanimously to retain the "thorough and efficient system of common schools" clause in the Ohio constitution, and not propose that voters consider removing it. This clause had been the bedrock upon which the Derolph funding case was litigated. It continues to be critical for maintaining a constitutional framework for the state to provide an thorough and efficient education system.

There was a lot of pressure to remove this clause from the constitution, led by the chair of the committee

The phrase in the Ohio Constitution that requires the state to provide an adequate system of public schools would be stricken from the document if the head of a constitutional modernization subcommittee has his way.

Chairman Chad Readler, a Columbus attorney who leads the Constitutional Modernization Commission’s schools and local government committee, wants to remove the phrase “thorough and efficient” from Article VI of the Constitution.

Readler, who is actively involved in the privately run charter school movement, is among 32 Ohio community leaders and legislators looking at ways to modernize the Constitution for recommendations to the legislature. Readler was selected by House leadership to run the subcommittee.

This is a big win for students, and a blow for profiteers and privatizers.