Ohio bill to regulate charter schools will get more work

House Republicans are slowing down action on a charter school oversight bill that was supposed to get significant revisions on Monday.

Work on the bill will continue for at least another week, as leaders weigh numerous amendments to House Bill 2, said Rep. Bill Hayes, R-Granville, chairman of the House Education Committee.

Even more suggestions came in Monday from groups including the Ohio Newspaper Association, which urged lawmakers to improve transparency among charter schools that are spending $1 billion a year in taxpayer money.

“There is no complaint we hear more often from Ohio journalists than the inability to report meaningfully on the activities of community schools,” said Dennis Hetzel, executive director of the Newspaper Association. “There remains only minimal ability for the public to know how those dollars are being spent in many cases.”

The bill seeks to upgrade transparency, accountability and conflict-of-interest provisions in Ohio’s charter school law, which has endured criticism and ridicule in Ohio and nationally for lax oversight that, critics argue, wastes taxpayer money and allows too many bad charter schools to operate.

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