Gov. Kasich's budget would send nearly $1 billion to charter schools

Charter school funding in Ohio will creep to nearly $1 billion a year, under Gov. John Kasich's schools budget, estimates released today show.

If more students decide to attend charters next school year, that $990 million total could top the billion dollar mark.

Estimates by the Legislative Service Commission, the non-partisan research arm of state government, also showed other key details today of how charter funding would change if Kasich's plan is approved by the legislature.

Charter schools are privately-run, but they are public schools open to all students and funded by the state.

In addition to showing changes in aid to charters, the new estimates show how state aid to school districts would change, once the state deducts money for students from each district who choose to attend charter schools.

See below for an explanation of how those deductions work.

Here are some highlights:

• The state will pay charter schools $34.5 million more in the 2016-17 school year than this school year for daily operations, even if charter enrollment stays the same.

• That's about $279 more for each of the 123,000 charter school students in 2016-17 than today -- a 3.7 percent increase.

• Some of that is from the $100 increase in the base aid per charter student in 2014-15, which increases to $200 more in 2016-17.

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