Records for Gateway Academy charter school too messy to audit

The financial records of Gateway Academy of Ohio, a Franklin County charter school, are incomplete, unauditable and “inexcusable,” Ohio Auditor Dave Yost said yesterday.

“Just as expected from their students, the school must follow the rules or face expulsion — or, at least the loss of their public funding,” Yost said in a statement about the school for students in grades 7 to 12 at 4500 Kimberly Parkway on the East Side.

Yost’s auditors looked at the school’s books for the period ending on June 30 and found that record-keeping was so bad that an audit could not be performed.

The school must, within 90 days of notification by the auditor, “revise its financial records and provide the necessary data,” Yost’s office said.

If that doesn’t happen, Gateway will be reported to the Ohio Department of Education, which would “immediately cease all state funding to the school.”

Attorney General Mike DeWine could subpoena school officials, requiring them to produce records and explain the confusion.

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