"High-performing" school districts would duck bureaucracy others face, under proposals from Gov. Kasich and Senate Pres. Faber

School "deregulation" proposals from Governor John Kasich and Sen. President Keith Faber offer rule exemptions that would save time and paperwork for all schools in the state

They also create separate exemptions only for "high performing" schools or teachers.

"Why put them through the hoops if they're already making a difference for boys and girls?" state Superintendent Richard Ross asked Monday, as he explained the governor's proposals to the state school board.

In a written statement, Faber expressed the same goal.

"Much has been asked of educators and school leaders over the last several years with the goal of improving student achievement," Faber wrote. "The Senate's goal is to eliminate ineffective or unnecessary state regulations for all schools and provide greater flexibility for high performing schools."

The much-anticipated proposals from Faber, which he promised late last year, are in Senate Bill 3 and will have their first hearing Tuesday before the Senate Education Committee. Kasich's proposals have yet to be drafted into a bill but had some early feedback from the state school board Monday morning.

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