Ohio school district winners, losers in John Kasich's new budget plan

Details of Kasich's two-year budget proposal show that about half of the state's 610 school districts would receive more money from the state than they currently are receiving.

In Cuyahoga County, 14 districts would receive more money in 2016-2017, and 17 would receive less, according calculations from data released Wednesday by the Ohio Office of Budget and Management.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group and The Plain Dealer Publishing Co. calculated the changes using both core aid from the state and money the state provides some districts to help make up for some revenue lost by the elimination of a tangible personal property tax and some utility taxes.

Jim Lynch, a spokesman for the governor, however, said no district would encounter a large decrease, once both local and state money are considered. The maximum loss would be 3 percent in the first year from both sources.

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